Super Mario Run for iOS
Nintendo confirms Super Mario Run release date for Android Nintendo

Super Mario Run has finally received the release time frame for Android as it's at the verge of losing its exclusivity to Apple's iOS. A Japanese tweet from Nintendo has now confirmed that the smash-hit platformer game will be available for Android devices in March 2017.

The popularity of Super Mario game on the iOS platform has inspired the game maker to offer the classic Mario experience once again on the Android platform via Google Play Store.

Although Nintendo's exclusivity deal with Apple was known to be a short-term obligation, the unexpected announcement of the game's release on Android comes as a big surprise, especially due considering that the iOS platform is often touted to be more lucrative for launching portable games.

The tweet from Nintendo's official Twitter account points to the estimated release window for the game while also suggesting that the pre-registrations are now live, wherein the registered users will be eligible for receiving notifications when the game is rolled out in March.

Check out the original tweet in Japanese as seen in the screenshot (below):

Nintendo tweets Super Mario Run's release window for Android
Nintendo tweets Super Mario Run's release time frame for Android Nintendo via Twitter

When translated to English, the tweet reads as follows:

The Android version of "Super Mario Run" will be delivered in March 2017. Currently, Google Play is accepting signups to inform you of when delivery begins. Please sign up.