Super Mario Run gets new Friendly Run Mode, completes 40 million downloads

Here's how to unlock full access to Friendly Run mode in Super Mario Run.

Super Mario Run for iOS
Super Mario Run gets new Friendly Run mode, completes 40 million downloads Nintendo

Nintendo Japan has confirmed in a recent press release that its new 2D-platformer game 'Super Mario Run' for iPhone has surpassed 40 million downloads within the first four days, following its launch on the App Store. The game is touted to be among the top 10 paid apps across hundreds of App Stores worldwide while also topping the charts for free App Store games in 140 countries.

Super Mario Run has recently received a new Friendly Run mode, which enables players to compete against their friends by adding them to the social media accounts linked to the game. Just go to Friends List, select Link to connect social media accounts, and then Invite or Add your friend to the group.

The catch here is that you cannot challenge your friends in the new game mode, until they have accepted your request. Furthermore, all your in-game stats will remain unaffected by your progress in Friendly Run challenges.

You can continue to save your Rally Tickets and toads for the single-player mode, regardless of your performance in the Friendly Run mode. However, you will not earn any coins, toads or experience points from these challenges with your friends.

Super Mario Run: Friendly Run mode

Friendly Run mode is limited by your progress in World Tour mode. For instance, you can play Super Mario Run in Friendly Run mode just once per day if you have not yet cleared the World 1 or part 1 of the World Tour.

However, in order to play all the levels of World 1, you must upgrade the game for $9.99. Otherwise, you will not be able access the game content after the first three levels of World 1.

On the contrary, those who have completed World 1 can access or play Friendly Mode three times per day, or five times per day after completing World 2.

Late comers can go ahead and download the Super Mario Run for free via App Store and then access in-app purchase menu for the full version upgrade.