Sunmi Opens Up About New Track You Can't Sit With Us

South Korean singer Sunmi, 29, recently opened up about her third mini-album 1/6 and its title track, You Can't Sit With Us. She revealed that the comeback project is different from her previous works as it leaves a lighter impression on the listeners. The Solo Queen also said it was not easy for her to work on this comeback project, and she had to put in a lot of effort for it.

The former Wonder Girls member released 1/6 on August 6, and it is her first mini-album in three years. Her second mini-album, titled Warning, was released in September 2018. However, she was not away from the music industry during this period. She released her last single, Tail, in February.

The mini-album 1/6 has six songs, including the title track You Can't Sit With Us. Other songs in the mini-album are Narcissism, Sunny, Borderline, Call, and ONE_SIXTH. All the songs are gaining popularity among K-pop fans worldwide. The title track holds the top spot in most of the national and international music charts, including Melon Hits and iTunes and Top Album and Song Chart.

Sunmi released her third mini-album on August 6. Twitter/Sunmi

The Concept

The mini-album 1/6 and its title track You Can't Sit With Us focusses on comforting the listeners with fun-filled light music, the singer said. According to her, the project aims at cheering up those who are feeling heavy and weighed down.

"The concept for the album comes from the quote 'On the moon where gravity is one-sixth', will the weight of anxiety also be one-sixth?" she said, adding, "I wanted my music to give comfort, fun, and lightness to those who are feeling heavy and weighed down right now."

The third mini-album of Sunmi titled 1/6. Twitter/Sunmi

About Action Scenes in Title Track

The music video for the title track You Can't Sit With Us is packed with a cinematic vibe. It features a fun scary movie teaser-like video that shows the singer and her friends fighting against a group of Zombies. Summi revealed that for the action scenes, she received training from the stunt director of the film Train to Busan and the Netflix series Kingdom for a short period.

"In my last comeback, 'TAIL,' I wanted to leave a strong impression. This time, I wanted to show a lighter and more natural appearance. The beat is 140 bpm and fast. It's difficult to pull off, so I practiced a lot and thought hard about it. "Because of the Y2K concept, it is a much more cheerful and lighter image than I've shown before, she added.

Sunmi's comeback mini-album has garnered the attention of K-pop fans around the world. Twitter/Sunmi


The mini-album 1/6 and its title track, You Can't Sit With Us, continue to hold the top spot in most of the national and international music charts. Apart from acquiring the fifth position in Melon Hits, the title track also entered Top 10 in iTunes Top Album and Song Chart in 20 regions. The song also garnered 13 million views on YouTube in a day.

The song garnered attention for its fast beat and fun-filled visuals. The music video shows the singer shooting down a group of zombies who have been haunting them. The fight scenes and dance moves have captured the attention of music lovers across the globe.

"This woman never disappoints. Her music is just for everyone," a K-pop fan wrote.

"Sunmi attacking the zombies makes the song even better," another K-pop fan stated.

"The song is catchy as hell, the choreography is so simple yet fits so well, the fight scene is just tier," another music lover commented.

"It is such a different comeback for her, and I am really into it," a music lover stated

"This song is such a masterpiece, and the concept is beautiful," a K-pop fan stated.