Singer Sunmi Posts Image of Leg Injury; From Seungri to Suzy, 7 Worst On-stage Kpop Accidents

Many-a-times Kpop stars have suffered severe injuries during performances. Currently, Sunmi's injured knee has made her fans worry

Sunmi leg injury
Kpop singer Sunmi has posted an image of a leg covered with medical tapes worrying her fans. Instagram

Kpop star Sunmi's latest Instagram photo has made her fans concerned about the singer's health. The solo singer uploaded an image of her right knee that is covered with bandage. Thousands of fans have posted comments asking whether Sunmi was alright.

Sunmi has captioned the photo with facepalm emoji, without giving any explanation. Fans are worried that Sunmi is injured again and her frequent injuries are making them worry. It is not clear if Sunmi was injured during any performance or rehearsal.

My Knee is Always Bruised: Sunmi

Former Wonder Girls member who has now turned solo singer had in June posted an image of bruised knees with the caption, "My knee is always bruised." Bruises on her legs can be seen in other pictures on Instagram.

The 28-year-old singer is said to have experienced many injuries when she turned solo singer in 2013. Her song LALALAY was released in August 2019. One of the images from live performance of the song show Sunmi dancing with injured knees.

Sunmi's performs with leg injury during LALALAY live show. Instagram

However, injuries have never made Sunmi dejected. With her knee hurt again, Sunmi recently appeared on the show Real World, where she had an experience of role reversal as she had to be a fan girl pursuing an idol. The show was aired on June 3.

According to Soompi, Sunmi will soon be seen as a host of a talk show titled Sunmi's Video Shop that will premier on June 8 at 11 p.m. on KBS. This will be Sunmi's first talk show. Lee Sun Mi, popularly called Sunmi, is known for her songs Full Moon, 24 Hours, and Full Moon.

Seven Stars Injured During Live Performances

1) Jun K

Jun K pof 2PM was performing for 6 Nights concert event, when he fell off the stage that was at least 9 feet higher than the ground. He fell between moving trolleys. The concert was cancelled and Jun K suffered fracture on right elbow and right ring finger along with a sprained shoulder.

2) Subin

DalShabet's Subin suffered injuries during a live performance as she fell through the stage. She smashed her face into one of the metal pyrotechnic outlets, which caused severe injury to her lips and mouth. She had received 16 stitches on her lips and face in 2011.

3. Bora

Bora of SISTAR was performing Shady Girl during the Let's Start Sharing concert when it started raining heavily and the entire stage was wet. SISTAR team continued to perform amid rains, but Bora slipped and fell flat on her face. She was left with a broken arm and thumb.

4. TTS (Taeyeon)

TTS was walking off the stage along with her Girls' Generation members after their performance during 2014 Seoul Music Awards. The lift collapsed resulting in Taeyeon's fall. Seohyun also slipped and sustained a sprained leg and Taeyeon was treated for shock and bruises.

5. Seungri

In 2007, during a performance, a set of stage fireworks exploded in Seungri's face. Seungri suffered minor injuries as he jumped off the stage. It is said that since then Seungri has a phobia for on-stage pyrotechnics.

6. Suzy

When Suzy was a part of Miss A, the group took part in a concert in Beijing in 2014. During the concert, Suzy slipped on a set of stairs on stage during a solo performance Let it Go. She suffered a cut on her arm and sprained her ankle.

7. Huihyeon

During the performance of Blue Star Concert in 2016, DIA member Huihyeon fell off the stage that was set 6.5 feet above the ground. But surprisingly, she returned to the stage and completed the performance. However, she had suffered a broken leg, and injured her tail bone.