Ex Wonder Girls' Sunmi accused of plagiarism for 'Heroine': Fans angry at Teddy for keeping quiet

South Korean singer Sunmi. instagram.com/miyayeah

Former Wonder Girls member Sunmi just released a new song titled 'Heroine' and she is already being accused of plagiarising another artist's song.

Netizens have claimed that Sunmi's Song 'Heroine' sounds somewhat like Cheryl Cole's song 'Fight For This Love'. They added that the music and the content also sound similar.

A netizen has said,"I honestly think Cheryl Cole's fight for this love and Sunmi's 'Heroine' sounds similar but I don't know if it plagiarism or not".

On the other hand, fans are outraged at Teddy, the star producer under The Black Label for not speaking a single word on this matter.

Fans have lashed out at Teddy on social media.

Check out the tweets below:

The 26-year-old singer Sunmi has also been accused of plagiarism in the past for songs like Big Bang's 'Sober' and 2NE1's 'Fire' and more. Teddy has always got away by keeping silent on all those matters.

Sunmi released 'Heroine' on January 18 after her single hit 'Gashina' which was released last year.

The song has become quite popular already by topping Korea's five major streaming charts on Friday evening.

Sunmi is a former member of the South Korean popular girl group Wonder Girls. The band was successfully running for 10 years under JYP Entertainment until it got disbanded last year in January.

Sunmi's single hit track 'Gashina' was produced by a subordinate product called Black Label under JYP Entertainment. Teddy is the star producer of Black Label.

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