Korean pop idol Sunmi to take hard stand against defamation

South Korean singer Sunmi. instagram.com/miyayeah

Pop idol Sunmi's agency will not be taking any defamation against the star lying down. Reportedly, Sunmi's agency MakeUs Entertainment has announced that they will be taking legal action against those who create rumors or post malicious comments about Sunmi.

MakeUs Entertainment shared a notice on their Twitter account and the announcement reads as follows:

Hello, this is MakeUs Entertainment.

We will begin our legal action against those who create and spread posts and comments that are malicious and utilize baseless accusations that are false to defame the character and image of our label artist Sunmi. Using the evidence we have secured through constant monitoring and documents that have been submitted to us, we have sought advice from our legal counsel and are currently preparing to take strong legal action.

Posting malicious comments and abusive language behind the veil of anonymity is a criminal act. We will not take any settlements and will pursue legal action through civil and criminal suits, and we will ensure that those who have caused harm will pay the full price for their actions.

We also ask for active cooperation from fans. As tips from Miya-ne [Sunmi's official fan club name] have been of great help to us so far, we ask that you continue to submit any malicious posts you may see to the e-mail we have included.

We will no longer stay silent as our artist suffers from the malicious words that people spit out behind the mask of anonymity, and we will do our best to protect the rights of our artist. We hope that our efforts will lead to a more mature and sound internet culture. Thank you.

Sunmi shot to fame as part of the Korean girl group Wonder Girls and then left the group to pursue her academic career. She began her solo career in 2013 with her debut extended play Full Moon. The pop idol previously made waves when she said she had an LGBT side to her, but later backtracked claiming that her comments had been misconstrued.

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