Steven Kyle Cugini: Pennsylvania Cop and Military Veteran Sexually Assaults 13-Month-Old Baby; Blames Her Broken Bones on Family Dog and Injury on Diaper Rash

. Although the mother initially supported Cugini's claims, text messages later revealed that she had confronted him regarding the bruises.

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A Pennsylvania cop and former military veteran has been charged with raping a 13-month-old infant and then blaming the injuries on "diaper rash" and the family pet. Steven Kyle Cugini, 28, from York, Pennsylvania, was arrested on Tuesday on allegations of rape and aggravated assault. He is a father to twin girls, according to public records.

The investigation was spearheaded by the Pennsylvania State Police Lykens Criminal Investigation unit who responded to reports of severe bruising on a 13-month-old child between April 11 and April 15. According to criminal complaints, the child sustained a broken tibia and fibula on her left leg, and other injuries that indicate potential sexual abuse.

Inhuman Act

Steven Kyle Cugini
Steven Kyle Cugini X

Staff at the Halifax YMCA Daycare noticed the child's injuries on Monday, the Daily Voice reported. Court documents indicate that while the child's mother is alleged to have helped in covering up the rape, she has not yet faced charges.

Cugini initially blamed the infant's injuries on diaper rash, a fall, and the family dog. Although the mother initially supported Cugini's claims, text messages later revealed that she had confronted him regarding the bruises.

The mother eventually admitted that she had permitted Cugini to bathe her daughter on the evening of April 13 while she was preparing dinner.

Cugini allegedly locked the bathroom door to prevent her five-year-old son from entering.

However, while cooking, the mother heard her daughter crying loudly and heard repeated banging noises. When she knocked on the door, Cugini allegedly took 10 seconds to respond, and his shirt was wet, although he was still wearing his pants.

Admitting His Crime

Steven Kyle Cugini
Steven Kyle Cugini X

After being questioned by police officers, Cugini confessed to the crimes and admitted that the injuries occurred while he was caring for the child alone. The Dauphin County District Attorney's office approved the criminal charges on Tuesday, leading to Cugini's arrest the same day without any resistance.

Cugini, who served as an officer for the York City Police Department, was promptly suspended from his position.

"It has come to our attention, a member of this department was arrested for an incident of alleged misconduct and criminal behavior, occurring in Dauphin County," Commissioner Michael Muldrow said in a release.

"Per our protocol the individual has been immediately suspended as the investigation continues and the City looks to take the appropriate action."

The 28-year-old had previously worked as a Cavalry Scout for the Pennsylvania Army National Guard.

Cugini is currently detained at Dauphin County Jail, with bail set at $200,000. "As everyone knows - I will always be the first to fight and advocate for our people," Muldrow stated.

"But they also know (1) how I feel about kids, and (2) that I hold my Officers to the highest of standards when it comes to representing this Department and engaging with the community," he continued.

"If these allegations are founded, trust and believe I'll be the first to take swift and definitive action against them."

This article was first published on April 20, 2024