Steven Cooper to Start 24-Hour Shiba Inu 'Burn' Playlist, Promises to Burn 500 Coins Per Day

Steven Cooper, the co-owner of Bigger Entertainment, which is a music licensing and publishing group that records artists and has over 100 million music streams revealed that his company will release a 24-hour ''Shib Burn'' playlist, where one stream would mean one Shib burnt.

Cooper stated that Bigger Entertainment could burn 500 Shib coins during the all-day ''Shib Burn'' marathon and revealed that he wants ''to see coins burned as fast as possible.''

Steven Cooper Bigger Entertainment Shiba Inu Burn

Taking to Twitter about the announcement, Cooper said, ''Like many of you in #Shib, I want to see coins burned as fast as possible. Tomorrow, my company Bigger Entertainment will release 24hour "SHIB BURN" playlists. 1 stream = 1 Shib burnt. A single playlist could burn 500 coins per day, per user. Follow me to keep updated. #shibarmy.''

However, when a user tagged Shytoshi Kusuma for a confirmation, Cooper replied that the coins will be sent to a dead wallet address and the burn program runs independently. He tweeted, ''Independent. We'll send it to a dead wallet,'' and added that all the transactions will be posted on Etherscan.

''I will post updates and you can follow my transactions on Etherscan. I also own over 1 billion Shib and want to see this coin go up just as much as you do,'' he said.

Though the numbers are small, Cooper said that this is just a start and things could quickly go in a new direction if he receives support from the community. ''I'm going to start with 1 stream = 1 Shib. If we get a good chunk of people doing it I'll bump it up to 1 stream = 5 Shib. Every bit counts. 1,000 people could burn 400,000 per day if they played the full playlist.''

Cooper confirmed that he currently owns 1 billion Shiba Inu tokens and wants it to shoot up in price ''as much as you do'' and said ''Glad you do. The more users we get, the more we'll increase the burn rate.''

Shiba Inu at the time of publishing was trading at $0.00002805 and is up +1.15% in the day's trade. SHIB had spiral upwards +360% during the first week of October, 2021 and tripled investors money in a span of just three days.