Static or moving? Spaceship-like orbiting UFO spotted using Google Earth [VIDEO]

UFO Found On Google Earth Map
UFO Found On Google Earth Map YouTube grab

While every day many scientists and theorists are trying to unveil the truth behind alien existence, an unusual footage of an outer space object has been spotted in Google Earth by conspiracy theorists.

A footage of the incident was uploaded on YouTube and the viral video showed a dark shaped oval object in the blue sky over East Lake George in New York. Seen using Google Earth, the picture of the alien object became much clearer after zooming in.

Though it is hazy to identify the object correctly, the clipping showed an unrecognizable object floating in the air. Some observers have suggested that it could be a smudge on the camera lens which might have resulted in such wired structure.

The video, uploaded by UFOmania on Wednesday, March 7, has so far garnered more than 25,000 views, while it is still being shared and discussed widely in the social media.

UFO and alien sightings are not new these days but the frequency of such incidents is giving credence to what MIT astronomer John A. Ball said in his "Zoo Theory". The theory stated that there is a possibility of the alien life existing in the universe and making frequent visits to earth but avoiding any contact with humans because they prefer not to interfere in our daily lives. They are just like a zookeeper of a cosmic 'zoo', said Ball in his theory that has wide acceptance among many observers.

"ETI (extra-terrestrial intelligence) may be discreetly and inconspicuously watching us but not dabbling," said Ball.

To cite, the previous UFO sighting was recorded in January 2018 when Colombian residents allegedly found such UFO in the town of Ocana. In the same month, another flight passenger shot a video of a damaged UFO, while it was hurtling down to earth.

UFOmania - The truth is out there/ YouTube
This article was first published on March 9, 2018