Are ancient Egyptians alien hybrids or extra-terrestrials on mission to help humans?

Are Pyramids of Giza stairways to space?

This is a view of the Giza Pyramids from the east with the Great Pyramid in the foreground.
This is a view of the Giza Pyramids from the east with the Great Pyramid in the foreground. Giulio Magli

The relation between humans and aliens is a mystery and often governments treat it as top secret to reveal anything to ordinary citizens. But some evidence provided by conspiracy theorists shows that the Pharaohs were alien hybrids and the architecture of all the monuments of Giza have some alien connection with the early human civilization, per se.

A glance at history shows that Egyptian legends originated during Zep Tepi which was considered the golden age of the ancient civilization when angels aka Gods descended from the sky in eggs or boats.

Many conspiracy theorists claimed that it was impossible for the ancestors of Egypt to build the Pyramid of Giza, without any help of modern technology.

Then how did they build them?

Toby Wilkinson, a renowned Egyptologist from the Cambridge University, said way back in 2001 that the pyramids were a symbolic stairway to the stars.

Some experts held the view that the pyramids could have been inspired by mysterious energies and alien spacecraft. Wilkinson said that these monuments seem to "have appeared almost from nowhere, but clearly, something like that cannot be put up overnight without the infrastructure in place."

According to him, the infrastructure included royal command of the economy, a governing body of experience in public works, systematic taxation, increasing mastery of stone as a building material, including religious or political motivation.

Wilkinson also talked about the Benben stone, which is the top stone of Egyptian pyramid. He said that it was possible that this stone itself was a meteorite. "A signal from the celestial realm to the earthly realm, something that is worshipped as a sign from the heavens?" he tried to explain.

According to OuterWorld, not humans but aliens are the creators of Pyramid of Giza. The website claimed that it is not possible for early humans to build a pyramid which is facing the exact magnetic North Pole without having a compass. "A couple of aliens, flying high enough over the earth to be able to see where the Nile Delta's origin is, easily saw what orientation the pyramid would need to be in order to have its diagonals lie on those two lines," it said.

Another evidence showed that on the evening of the summer solstice, the sun sets exactly in the centre of two pyramids of Giza. Many experts wondered how the early humans could make such complicated calculation unless they knew what is summer solstice and the exact length of the year.

The website said that aliens must have helped the humans by calculating the size of its "revolutions around the sun, the velocity it was at which it travelled and the angle of its axis of rotation" to determine the longest day of the year or the length of the year.

Even, the History channel's show called "Ancient Aliens" focused on the architectural mystery of Egypt and how experts have pointed out many startling features to prove the relationship between aliens and humans.

No wonder, a Russian boy called Boriska, who claimed that he was born on Mars in his previous birth said in one of his videos that there were many secrets related to Great Pyramid of Giza. He also mentioned that the surrounding discovery could reshape the entire course of humanity's future.

This article was first published on March 7, 2018