Stephen Hawking has Japanese-origin futurologist for company on escape from Earth

Pitches for laser porting to reach moon in 1 second, Mars in 20 mts

Stephen Hawking
Stephen Hawking Lucas Jackson/Reuters

Michio Kaku, renowned Japanese-origin American theoretical physicist and futurologist has echoed Stephen Hawking's repeated warning that humans should search for another planet to live, as one day we will encounter extra-terrestrial life forms, and that will be the end of all species on our planet.

Stephen Hawking, who said that nothing existed before the Big Bang, in an interview with physicist Neil deGrasse Tyson at the 'Star Talk' show aired on National Geographic Channel, is also known for airing his strong to escape from the earth before aliens come visiting us.

The necessity to search for another planet

Kaku made these remarks during a telephonic interview with National Geographic. According to the futurologist, the aliens we encounter will be thousands of years more advanced than humans and that we may not survive their attack.

"They're probably going to be thousands of years more advanced than us. They're not going to want to plunder us for resources because there are a lot of uninhabited planets out there, like Mars, that they can plunder without having to deal with restive natives like us. The main threat is that we might be in the way. In the novel The War of The Worlds, the Martians wanted to take over the Earth not because they were evil or because they didn't like Homo sapiens," said Kaku, National Geographic reports.

Machio Kaku
Machio Kaku/Twitter Machio Kaku/Twitter

The only way for humans to survive is to colonize another planet as a backup, possibly Mars, he said. Apart from alien threat, Kaku also talked about other factors which may lead to the end of life on our planet including global warming, the advent of a new Ice Age, nuclear war, death of the sun, or massive impacts of asteroids.

However, Kaku added that traveling to Mars is not an easy deal like a lunar voyage. The theoretical physicist revealed that it will take more than nine months just to get to the Mars. After that, we should wait for a few months for the planets to realign, and then another nine months are required to reach the earth back. According to Kaku, the up and down journey to Mars will be a two-year trip where the travellers will face problems like weightlessness, cosmic radiation, and micrometeorites.

The large possibilities of laser porting

During the talk, Michio Kaku also talked about a concept called laser porting. If this concept becomes a reality, humans can travel to the moon within a second, and Mars in 20 minutes. According to Kaku, the human brain has immense potentials, and once we understand that to the fullest, we can easily laser port ourselves to any distances with our mind.

"Many nations, including the U.S., have said that the brain is the key to understanding mental health, depression, and suicide. All that could perhaps be unravelled if we understand the connectome, which is a map of the entire brain. We expect to have this perhaps by the end of this century," he said.

He also noted that laser porting will help to take care of mental illness and also shoot ourselves into outer space. "In one second, you'd be on the moon; in 20 minutes you're on Mars, and in years you're on the nearest star," continued Kaku.

Kaku made it clear that laser porting is the best way we can embrace to explore our galaxy without any booster rockets, radiation dangers, or problems from asteroid impacts, as we can just laser port ourselves.