Damaged UFO falls from sky, leaves behind thick smoke trail [VIDEO]


A mysterious video of a possibly damaged UFO has been shot by an airplane passenger recently and it is now going viral on social media platforms. The one-minute clip which features an unidentified flying object possibly falling down to earth, leaving behind a thick gas trail, has impressed alien buffs and they consider this as an unquestionable evidence of extra-terrestrial life.

The video is released by Peruvian conspiracy theory Facebook page, 'Rincón Siniestro'. As of now, the video has been watched for more than 37,000 times and viewers are pretty much convinced about the authenticity of the clip.

People who watched the video claim that this video is featuring a damaged UFO, which went out of control while visiting the earth. On the other hand, sceptics believe that this craft has nothing to do with extra-terrestrials and is basically an army aircraft. However, they are not capable of explaining the phenomenon which produces the large blaze of thick smoke, which is not at all the usual contrails.

In the meantime, a section of conspiracy theorists has started arguing that this footage is a real clip of chemtrail operation. The chemtrail operation is a secret project carried out by governments all over the world to hide the happenings in the sky from the general public.

According to these theorists, many strange things have been happening in our sky. The chemtrail theory became a hot topic when they claimed that governments are hiding evidence of the rogue planet Nibiru's approach last year.

As the video has gone viral, alien buffs all around the world are asking UFO research agencies like MUFON to investigate this incident so that the mysteries surrounding it will be unravelled soon.