Song Kang, Han So Hee's Kiss Scene in Nevertheless: Director Planned for Peck, But Actors Ended Up Having Lengthy Lip-lock

Song Kan, Han So Hee's Kiss Scene in Nevertheless Had Lengthier Kiss than Director Had Wanted

The lip-lock scene between Song Kang and Han So Hee in Nevertheless has continued to be the talk of the town. Now, there is an interesting piece of information about the scene has been revealed in the behind-the-scenes video.

Song Kan and Han So Hee in Nevertheless
Song Kan and Han So Hee in Nevertheless. Screenshot

As per the video, Han So Hee was told by the director that it was supposed to be a short scene and the kiss was nothing but a quick peck. As they try to lock lips, she was told to push Song Kang away. However, to everyone's surprise, the smooch lasted for over five seconds.

The making video showcases that the actors were a little hesitant to have a kiss scene. We could hear them getting advice to keep it short and Song Kang jokingly responding to it that he would have a longer scene.

In the end, they had a lengthier scene than what the director had wanted them to perform. It looks like the actors were well fully involved in the scene and got carried away. Nonetheless, the hero made sure that his co-star did not get embarrassed as he sported a sweet smile after ending the kiss scene.

Nonetheless, the viewers are not complaining as they enjoyed watching their chemistry.

Nevertheless tells the story of a heartbroken woman Yoo Na-bi (Han So-hee) and a flirtatious man Song Kang (Park Jae-eon). The former does not believe in love anymore and decided not to get into a relationship again due to the painful experience of her past break-up. Yet she wants to go on a date.

Whereas Park Jae-eon is unwilling to get into a relationship and likes to flirt. He has the ability to hide his true feelings. What happens between these two individuals is the interesting part of the drama.

This article was first published on July 13, 2021