Ex-April Member Hyunjoo to Clash with Lim Na Young in Her First Drama Since Bullying Controversy

Hyunjoo, who has been in the news after making bullying allegations against her former April members, has bagged her first project ever since the controversy broke out in February. She has signed her first web series in the form of Heartbeat Broadcasting Accident.

Hyunjoo. Instagram

Hyunjoo's Role
She will be playing the role named Han Yura Ra, the rival of Yoon Yi-Seo, which is played by Lim Na Young, in the forthcoming web series. Hyunjoo is enacting the role of a star influencer and show host. She is monikered 'sold-out girl' due to her beautiful looks.

Zuho is the male lead named Cha Sun-Woo in the drama and he has a long-time crush on Han Yura Ra. The conflict between the two females forms the crux of the story.

The shooting of Heartbeat Broadcasting Accident will commence in July and it will premiere in September.

This comes as a welcome development to her as she was embroiled in bullying controversy. In February, her brother had made allegations against the former members of April of bullying and ostracized in the group due to which she had suffered panic disorder and breathing difficulties. In fact, she had tried to kill herself out of frustration.

The Bullying Controversy
Thereafter, her agency DSP Media tried to talk to her in a bid to end the controversy amicably. Unfortunately, the talks failed as she demanded an unconditional apology from the members. Later, the agency decided to take legal action against her claiming that she was spreading lies.

Two months later, she opened up on the controversy. According to her, it started in 2014 and brought the issue to the agency, but it failed to take any action. "During those three years, I was forced to suffer because of violent actions and behaviour, ridicule, swearing, and attacks on my character, and it was especially painful to bear groundless insults and attacks on the character of my precious grandmother, mom, dad, and younger brother. The agency knew about this, but only looked on without taking any measures to respond."

The April members like Chaewon and Yena rubbished the rumours and stated that they were victims and not perpetrators.