Ha Jun Soo Faces Allegations of Cheating on Cancer-stricken Ex-girlfriend After Announcing Marriage with Ahn Ga-yeon

Actor Ha Jun Soo is facing allegations of cheating on his former girlfriend who has now spoken about their broken relationship. The alleged victim has claimed on an online platform that the comedian failed to give a proper apology to her. This comes after the comedian announced his wedding with Ahn Ga-yeon, a comedian and webtoon artist.

Ha Jun Soo with Ahn Ga-yeon
Ha Jun Soo with Ahn Ga-yeon. Instagram

According to Ha Jun Soo's former girlfriend, they were in a relationship for eight years from 12 December and broke up in 2018. They had lived together and the actor had promised her to tie the knot but failed to keep his promise as he started secretly seeing the webtoon series artist.

The victim has been taking anti-depressants for three years following their separation and she is pained because the celebrity couple has failed to give an apology despite cheating on her, she wrote on the online community.

"While I left to work, those two rode a motorcycle together and came to our house. I have CCTV footage of them going up to the house but they said I was at fault for their infidelity. I can't believe they announced their marriage on their senior's program. Them lying about how they met and shamelessly saying they have been dating for 2 years in public made me so mad," Allkpop quotes her as saying.

In another post, the victim claims that she is getting warning texts for speaking out about the issue and she is now planning to consult a lawyer to take legal action against the people who are threatening her.

The post further adds that they took wedding photos before their marriage as she was prepping up for chemotherapy and growing up hair takes time. "The wedding photo was taken because the professor in charge said that it would take a long time to grow hair because the professor in charge said that after breast cancer recurrence, we could do chemotherapy, so we decided to take a wedding photo." "Due to breast cancer, when we told our father we were living together, we got married within a year. As a condition, we started living together with the permission of our parents, and I lived as if cancer was a big sin," she is quoted as writing by Newsdirectory3.

Reacting to the allegations, Ha Jun Soo admitted that he cheated on his former girlfriend, but claims that he had lent an apology to her "After she said 'I'm sincerely grateful that you broke up with me' on December 5th, 2018, we started carrying out normal, everyday conversations. I thought she really forgave me. She even said 'I can genuinely bless you two even if you officially start dating or get married to Ga Yeon.'" he concluded.