Song Joong Ki Did This to Show Love and Affection for his Vincezo Pair Jeon Yeo Bin

Song Joong Ki and Jeon Yeo Bin's chemistry in the recently concluded mafia drama Vincenzo won the hearts of fans, who are rooting for the couple!

The Vincenzo couple is still supporting each other in their respective endeavors, much after the completion of the project. Chemistry between Song Joong Ki and Jeon Yeo Bin in the mafia drama Vincenzo was much appreciated. Making the fans happy, recently Song Joong Ki showed his love and affection for Jeon Yeo Bin.

Jeon Yeo Bin is currently shooting for the mystery drama Glitch. Jeon Yeo Bin recently revealed through her Instagram post that Song Joong Ki had sent her a gift truck to the set of Glitch. Though sending a coffee truck or lunch boxes is a common phenomenon, Song Joong Ki sent something special that Jeon Yeo Bin loves.

Song Joong Ki Jeon Yeo Bin
Song Joong Ki and Jeon Yeo Bin in the drama Vincenzo. Instagram

Coffee with Bingsoo!

Jeon Yeo Bin was happy to receive her favorite bingsoo [shaved ice dessert] along with coffee from Song Joong Ki. She posted pictures of the truck and playfully referred to him as Vincenzo, the name of his character from the drama. She even added heart emojis along with the caption that read: "The entire 'Glitch' team was happy because oh! our Vincenzo Cassano, Joong Ki sent a coffee truck... bingsoo truck!!! Thank you so, so much."

The truck had a sticker with Jeon Yeo Bin's photo along with the yummy bingsoo. Jeon Yeo Bin captioned the bingsoo picture as "My first bingsoo of this summer." The truck also included a banner with the caption: "Cheering on 'Glitch' actress Jeon Yeo Been! From Song Joong Ki."

A video of Song Joong Ki crying on the last day of the shoot with Jeon Yeo bin beside him showed how much he had loved being Vincenzo Cassano. Song Joong Ki had in one of the interviews said that the entire cast had developed a bonding and it was like a family, the Cassano family. The Bogota actor had also said that she didn't want the filming to come to a close.

The Grand Comeback

Vincenzo is Song Joong Ki's first drama filmed after announcing his divorce with actress Song Hye Kyo. Song Joong Ki made his comeback to the small screen after a gap of two years following the release of fantasy drama Arthdal Chronicles in 2019.

Fans are still rooting for Song Joong Ki and Jeon Yeo Bin as they loved their chemistry in Vincenzo. The coffee truck and bingsoo treat by Song Joong Ki has really made the fans happy, who can't stop bragging about it on social media.

Meanwhile, Song Joong Ki is busy shooting for his movie Bogota. Jeon Yeo Bin's Glitch is a drama about a woman who goes in search of her missing boyfriend who disappears in a flash of unknown lights. She plays the role of the woman who uncovers a mystery on the journey to find her boyfriend, with the help of UFO watchers.

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