'Bogota' Team Will Not Leave For Colombia, Song Joong Ki Starrer Resumes Filming in South Korea

Song Joong Ki starrer 'Bogota' move has started filming on June 21. But instead of Colombia, the movie will be filmed in South Korea.

Song Joong Ki starrer movie Bogota has at last resumed shooting after a gap of more than one year. The cast and crew was supposed to leave for Bogota in Colombia to resume filming after lockdown restrictions were relaxed. But as the situation is still dire, and the Bogota team has decided to complete filming in South Korea.

Megabox JoongAng Plus M gave latest updates on the movie Bogota on June 23 and stated that the team resumed filming on June 21. It is said that the remaining part of multi-starrer movie will be filmed in South Korea. It is said that the Bogota production project has been reorganized and the cast and crew will take part in the shooting in South Korea for three more months.

Song Joong Ki
South Korean Hallyu actor Song Joong Ki. Instagram

Safety of Cast and Crew Top Priority

According to AllKpop, producers of Bogota stated, "Since it is difficult to start filming again, our top priority is to protect the safety and health of all staff members by following the quarantine guidelines. In order to make a good movie in a stable environment, we will do our very best."

Bogota starring Song Joong Ki, Lee Hee Jun, Kwon Hae Hyo, Cho Hyun Chul and Juana del Rio had started filming the movie in Bogota, Colombia in January 2020. But with increasing cases of COVID-19 and restrictions on filming and travel, the team halted the shooting and returned to South Korea in May 2020.

Bogota is a criminal thriller film set in the 1990s. The film tells the story of a young man, in his thirties, who emigrates to Columbia and struggles to get settled in a traditional market located in Bogota. The film is directed by Kim Sung Jae of Minority Opinion fame.

Song Joong Ki Busiest Actor

It was recently reported that the cast and crew of Bogota would leave for Colombia by the end of June to resume filming. But as the producers stated, it is feasible to arrange for safety measures in one's own country. However, the venue of filming has not been disclosed for security reasons.

It is not known if the location of Bogota will be recreated or changes have been made to the script to suit it to the location in South Korea. However, fans have expressed happiness over resuming of the filming of Bogota, one of the most awaited movies in South Korea.

The main lead of the movie, Song Joong Ki is probably the busiest actors even during the pandemic. After waiting for more than six months [following halting of the filming of Bogota], he took up the drama Vincenzo, where he successfully showcased his performance as a mafia consigliere. Currently, he has been offered lead role in the drama Chabeol Family's Youngest Son.

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