Song Joong Ki Earns a Friend from 'Vincenzo' Cast; Declares His Affection, Support Openly

Song Joong Ki said he had grown fond of the 'Vincenzo' team and here is one friend he earned from the mafia drama.

Song Joong Ki was in tears on the last day of the filming of his latest drama Vincenzo. The reason: The actor had grown closer to his fellow cast members and didn't want the filming to end so soon. Reports also claim that Vincenzo actor has found a new friend from the cast of the drama. Let us find out who is Song Joong Ki's new friend!

Song Joong Ki was seen joking around with his fellow cast including Jeon Yeo Bin, Taecyeon and Kwak Dong Yeon during practice sessions. But here is one person who Song Joong Ki considers as Hyung and recently did a favor to him by expressing his affection openly on a TV show.

A still from the Song Jokng Ki - Jeon Yeo Bin starrer drama Vincenzo Instagram

Gangster VS Mafia Consigliere

Song Joong Ki's new friend is none other than Kim Young Woong who played the role of gangster Park Seok Do in Vincenzo drama. Recently, Kim Young Woong appeared in every1's Video Star show. In one of the segments he had the chance to make a call to one of his friends and surprisingly that friend was Song Joong Ki.

Speaking about this, Kim Young Woong said that he was nervous to ask Song Joong Ki if he can make a call to him during the TV show. "Truthfully, it was hard to ask Song Joong Ki for this favour, so I am really thankful," said Kim Young Woong.

During the show, Song Joong Ki showed his support to Kim Young Woong and said: "The more you talk with Kim Young Woong, the more content will come out. He is a really charismatic Hyung. He is a fun guy. When we heard he was going on the show we all clapped because we felt that he would become a hot issue if he made an appearance."

Expressing his affection the Vincenzo star also said, "I laughed so much when he first asked me to do this favor. I could see just how much he thought about it before asking". [I said] "What's wrong with that? It sounds really fun to me? Call me! I am more than glad to do it."

Song Joong Ki also said that he was really happy when he heard that Hyung [elder brother] Kim Young Woong was requested to appear in the TV show. "All the cast members clapped when they found out that Kim Young Woong had received the request to be on the show," Song Joong Ki said showing how Vincenzo cast has become a family.

Reacting to the same, Kim Young Woong thanked Song Joong Ki and said: "I was so happy to have acted with you in such a great drama. I hope our relationship goes until the end and I will try to become a better actor so we can meet again on set."

Meanwhile, Kim Young Woong is said to have been receiving many offers since he completed filming of the mafia drama Vincenzo. In the drama Vincenzo, Kim Young Woong was seen as an evil gangster who transforms as the saviour of the good and innocent, thanks to Song Joong Ki's charm and talents!

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