Song Joong Ki Chooses His Projects Based on Money? Space Sweepers Star Explains

Song Joong Ki is known to be choosy about the character he plays.

Space Sweepers, Vincenzo star Song Joong Ki is known for his performances in dramas Descendants of the Sun, Innocent Man and critically acclaimed movies like Battleship Island. But is money the most important factor for Song Joong Ki than his character in the film? Here is what the actor said.

Song Joong Ki took part in the promotional activities ahead of the release of his Sci-Fi movie Space Sweepers along with actors Kim Tae Ri, Jin Sung Kyu, and Yoo Hae Jin on an episode of Entertainment Relay. One of the questions asked by the anchor was what plays vital role in choosing a project. The anchor had given four options, the director, screenplay, pay, or the expectations of fans.

Song Joong Ki
Song Joong Ki in a still from the making of the Sci-Fi movie Space Sweepers. Instagram

Song Joong Ki Leaves Everyone in Splits

To this, Kim Tae Ri said that she chooses a project after based on who directs the movie. But Song Joong Ki replied that he is moved by payment. This left everyone in splits and even the anchors had a hearty laugh. Is money what matters the most to Song Joong Ki?

Song Joong Ki is known to be choosy about the character he plays. He has not been seen as a chocolate hero or a rich guy falling in love with a poor girl [most popular storyline of Korean dramas]. Instead he played three roles including a troubled youngster with the background of a murder in the drama The Innocent Man, an upright Major in the drama Descendants of the Sun, a tribal who leads his clan to fight against the most powerful kingdom in his latest drama Arthdal Chronicles.

In his earlier interviews too, the actor had clarified that he wants to be recognized not as a star but as an actor with potential. He had said that he is a director's actor and ultimately the end product [the drama on screen and how he has played the role] is what matters the most to him.

Space Sweepers Release Delayed Further

So, has Song Joong Ki's perception changed now? Not really. Because, as he was promoting his movie Space Sweepers looks like the actor spoke his character Tae Oh's mind. In the Sci-Fi movie, Tae Oh is a pilot but as Song Joong Ki himself explained he is the most pathetic of the four lead characters. Tae Oh is a destitute and is poor to an extent that he wears torn socks, has no shoes and instead wears plastic bags to cover his feet. But he is moved by instinct and money. He will do anything to make money.

This explains the scenario. Song Joong Ki did not speak as the star but spoke the mind of his character Tae Oh in the movie and brought a comic relief during the interview. Meanwhile, the release of Space Sweepers has been delayed again. The movie was to be released by the end of July, but due to the second surge of COVID-19 cases in South Korea, the release was delayed. Currently the film is expected to be released by the end of September.

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