Song Ji Hyo does not like being called an actress: Here's why

Song Ji-hyo opened up on the issue in her program, Song Ji Hyo's Beauty View, and shared her thoughts.

Actor Song Ji-hyo
Actor Song Ji-hyo.

Song Ji-hyo, well-known for appearing in the popular SBS variety show 'Running Man' has said she has objections with the label of 'actress.' She opened up on the issue in her program, Song Ji Hyo's Beauty View and said she prefers the term actor instead. The star is an MC along with Gong Myung for the JTBC beauty program.

"If I act like an actress and if people treat me like one, I feel like my hands and feet are going to disappear from embarrassment. I'm still burdened by the title of 'actor'. I want to become an actor who acts sincerely and enjoys her job. I don't want to become an 'actress'," said Song Ji-hyo, according to Allkpop.

The movie star, who recently posed for Allure magazine, was obviously referring to a set of expectations attached to the gendered term 'actress.' An actress is expected to be the feminine version of a male 'actor' which is limiting to a true performer. Any performer, irrespective of their sex should be called an actor. There have been men and women who've played roles of various genders. A woman cannot be limited to playing just feminine roles and that is perhaps, what Song Ji-hyo has tried to say.

According to Kmusic, she also opened up about her new show during an interview with VIEW magazine. "When I was a high school student putting makeup on was considered a bad thing. And I got older but I wasn't interested in makeup. But when I started to realize that an actress's impression totally changes according to her makeup style, the beauty MC offer seemed like a new chance," the actor said.

She added that having had her makeup done by others all the time, she now want to learn about the craft herself. "Usually there are people who do my makeup for me, but I wish to learn more about makeup these days. Although not a beauty expert, I'm plunging into the makeup world by learning more about it. I'm also learning about beauty and fashion trends these days," said Song Ji-hyo, as reported.

The actor is not only popular for her beauty, but also for her strong personality, as seen in 'Running Man.' After she and Kim Jong-kook were removed unceremoniously from 'Running Man,' the actor bounced back immediately by posing for fashion magazine 'Singles' and her new show 'Song Ji Hyo's Beauty View.'

Even though she was always seen with Gary Kang as the 'Monday Couple' on SBS's variety program, she held her own in the show. She recently spoke some empowering words for women by revealing how she'd react to a cheating boyfriend. When Ji-hyo and Jong-kook were brought back to 'Running Man' she decided on donating her salary to charities. The variety show has since been un-cancelled.

Kmusic also notes that Song Ji Hyo's Beauty View has become so popular in Asia that it has surpassed Korean drama rankings in top 10 VIU TV. A second season of the beauty show is already being considered.

This article was first published on February 20, 2017