How Running Man star Song Ji Hyo bounced back after shocking snub on show

Song Ji Hyo shows she's not one for dwelling in the past with bold fashion statement.

Song Ji Hyo
Song Ji Hyo, Singles magazine January issue.

Running Man member and actress Song Ji Hyo may have been unjustly treated by the producers of SBS's popular South Korean variety show but she isn't the one to just remain sorrowful about it. Not only has the lovely actress refused to take the salary of her remaining appearances in the show, she showed her fans that she has moved on with a fresh enthusiasm in life by posing in cool casuals for a magazine.

Website Allkpop reports that Song Ji Hyo sported a cool look wearing brightly coloured casuals for the magazine 'Singles.' In the photos, Ji Hyo is seen wearing designer denims, beautiful long skirts, a grey cardigan with red and white designer stitches and a long floral top. She is also seen wearing bold red lipstick and carrying a bright pink handbag. Not that she needs these extra accessories, but the carefully chosen lipstick and the appropriately 'chic' dresses do accentuate her features. One has to grab the January issue of 'Singles' to see the photos.

The best thing about Song Ji Hyo is the inherent kindness and innocence in her face, which however does not undermine a maturity of heart. In the 'Running Man' episodes she always appears with little to no make-up; just a regular everyday girl traversing through the bittersweet by-lanes of life. Her face suggests a rare purity of heart which is what makes her fans love her so much.

It was indeed sad to learn that a particular insensitive producer named Gong Hee Chul had orchestrated her and her friend, singer Kim Jong Kook's removal from 'Running Man.' But, it was even more heartbreaking for her, having been a part of the show for six straight years, ever since it began airing in 2010. As her agency revealed in a statement, the show and her co-stars were like a family.

After learning that she had been thrown out without being notified earlier, Song Ji Hyo shut off communication with everyone and broke down in tears. An entertainment personnel close to tthe actress said, as quoted by Koreaboo, "She loved Running Man dearly and considered the show her family for the past 7 years. She was wounded very deeply through this ordeal. When she heard the news that she was removed from the show, she cut contact with everyone and just shut herself in and cried."

Tv presenter and comedian Kang Ho-dong learned of this inconsiderate treatment of the show's two original members by the SBS producer. Ho-dong decided not to join the show for its second season. Though SBS and the showrunners of 'Running Man' realised their calamitous error and apologised to Ji Hyo and Jong Kook, they couldn't sustain the show and decided to shut it down after February 2017. They relented to pressure from fans and brought back Song Ji Hyo and Kim Jong Kook for all the remaining episodes of the show.

It feels great to know that she is moving forward after such a shocking behaviour meted out to her. We wish her all the best for her future endeavours.

This article was first published on December 22, 2016