Running Man updates: Lee Kwang-soo caught red-handed for stealing

Yoo Je-suk wins secret mission challenge.

Lee Kwang-soo
Lee Kwang-soo in episode 470 of 'Running Man.' Running Man

Actor Lee Kwang-soo has been infamous for causing problems for the 'Running Man' members during the various games and tasks that they are assigned to perform. He is the greatest betrayer in the show. Now, he has been caught very early in the game, doing something naughty.

Website Soompi notes that on the February 12 episode of SBS's 'Running Man,' Lee Kwang-soo was caught stealing Kim Jong-kook's clothes within an hour of filming. This they note is the fastest any 'Running Man' member has been caught as a spy. Actually, both Kwang-soo and Yoo Jae-suk were given a secret mission of stealing clothes of the other members in the show. Though, knowing Kwang-soo's track record, others quickly began suspecting that he was, once again, up to no good.

The producers of the long-running popular variety show were reportedly caught off-guard that someone was caught so early on in the game, as a spy. Soompi reports that they were in a state of mental disarray after finding out Lee Kwang-soo busy stealing Kim Jong-kook's clothes. On the other hand Yoo Jae-suk was smarter and managed to avoid everyone's suspicion. He proceeded to steal Song Ji-hyo's clothes following the second mission which was conducted with guests Red Velvet, the South Korean girl band formed by S.M. Entertainment.

The final mission of the episode had the members tasked with ripping off the name tag of the thief who stole their clothes. Lee Kwang-soo hilariously tried various way of hiding himself by removing his microphone, submerging himself in water, but everybody suspected him. So he had no chance and fittingly, it was Kim Jong-kook who ripped off his name tag. However, the cast members were informed not to be too cheerful about catching the thief as he was not the only one who stole the clothes.

Yoo Jae-suk was eventually caught by Ji Suk-jin but he had won as he was able to successfully hide from the other members and avoid suspicion for the time he needed to win the race. It is not for nothing that his fictional avatar is based on Ian Fleming's James Bond. In the show he is called Yoomes Bond.

It must be mentioned that no matter how Lee Kwang-soo appears in the various tasks and games on 'Running Man,' he is in reality a very harmless and helpful person. He with his innocent stupidity, brings laughter to the group, is very protective of Song Ji-hyo, whom he calls his "real older sister." He is also the tallest and lankiest figure in the show which earned him the nickname of Giraffe. He is also lovingly referred to by his fans as "Asian prince."

The next episode of 'Running Man' will air on February 19.

This article was first published on February 14, 2017