'Running Man' not ending: Turmoil is all over after Song Ji-Hyo and Kim Jong-kook were kicked out and forgotten?

Running Man will continue with its six cast members following row over removal of actress Song Ji-Hyo and singer Kim Jong-kook.

Running Man-refueled
Running Man cast members. facebook.com/gorunningman

Long-running and successful variety show 'Running Man' will not shut its doors to its fans this year. This is contrary to all previous reports that stated the showrunners will pull the plug in February. This is a very positive development that will no doubt please the show's legions of fans.

Website Soompi reports that on January 24, SBS released an official statement in which they stated that they were overwhelmed by the enormous disappointment expressed by fans of 'Running Man.' It was also revealed that all the six remaining members will stay on.

As per the official statement released by SBS, as quoted by Soompi, the program director of 'Running Man' met with the cast members and apologised for the behaviour meted out to Song Ji-hyo and Kim Jong-kook. "Director Nam Seung Yong of SBS Entertainment, who first planned 'Running Man' back in 2010, met with each of the cast members in the beginning of the year. He apologized for what happened during the attempts to reformat the show, and all six members agreed to keep going," the statement from SBS read.

Furthermore, director Nam Seung-yong proceeded to thank the show members for agreeing to be part of the show's extended life and also promised the fans that they'll honour the love and support they've shown to 'Running Man.' "Thank you to the 'Running Man' members for making this difficult decision. And for the fans, we will do our best to pay you back for your seven years of unwavering love with even more fun episodes in the future," the director said.

'Running Man' created controversy when actress Song Ji-Hyo and singer Kim Jong-kook were removed from the show without informing them about it earlier. This led to an outpour of hatred from the fans, eventually directed towards SBS Chief Producer Gong Hee-chul, who, it was reported, was the main culprit behind the rash decision.

Fans demanded Hee-chul's removal from the show. 'Running Man' producers decided to shut the show down in February this year and retain Song Ji-hyo and Kim Jong-kook. The latest development is wonderful news to all the fans who've remained faithful to the show for its decade-long run.

In related news, Song Ji-hyo will join as an MC of her own new show 'Song Ji-Hyo's Beauty View' with co-MC Gong Myung. As for Kim Jong-kook, he recently had a successful date with a non-celebrity female, who expressed interest in a second date with him.

This article was first published on January 25, 2017