Song Hye-Kyo talks about love and break-up; Song Joong-ki rejected as partner?

Song Hye-Kyo says that she is a devoted partner but doesn't turn back when a relationship fails.

Song Hye-kyo
Song Joong-ki posing for the March issue of WKorea magazine.

'Descendants of the Sun' star Song Hye-kyo is feeling the pressure of marriage and it's not just from the fans who want her to settle down with her younger co-star Song Joong-ki. Well, she is a talented and beautiful actor, who at 35 years of age may feel the pressure to hurry and start a family of her own, especially when many friends, family or co-workers are tying the knot.

Speaking of marriage and relationships during an interview with local Korean fashion magazine 'W, Song Hye-kyo revealed that she is very sentimental when it comes to love and gets deeply affected. "I devote myself fully to a relationship and never turn back when it is over," said the actress, as reported. "If it doesn't work out, nevertheless (I devoted myself to it), it's just a relationship that will never work," she added.

Well, youths today might call her approach "old-fashioned," maybe even a bit rigid. After all, too much sentiment can make someone aloof from others and might make them too selective. For one, she cannot understand how two people who were in love can still be friends after their relationship fails. "Even if you love your boyfriend so much, when you break up he becomes no better than Mr. Kim next door. Mr. Kim next door can at least come by and help," she said.

Her perspective is not very difficult to see; in fact it is very common. Maintaining any kind of relationship with one's ex can be really hard for someone who's sentimental. Every eye contact, hand-shake, words spoken with the person can trigger painful memories of the blissful times spent together. Though some ex-couples do rekindle their relationship, but that's rare. Most people want to move on with their lives, because it's the easier way.

Of course Song Hye-kyo realise she's not getting any younger and those close to her age are getting married or have already settled down with kids. "It gets harder and harder though," she said. "There are a limited number of people you can meet and you become pickier at judging people. Also, you lose your fantasies about marriage when you hear from those married couples."

Recently, South Korean celebs Rain and Kim Tae-hee got married. Kim Tae-hee is older than her husband, just like Hye-kyo is older than her rumoured boyfriend Song Joong-ki. This 'Noona' romance trend is catching up in Asia, thanks to celebrities who show that having an older wife is normal and cool. However, despite the desperate pleas from 'SongSong' fans, the two maintain they're just good friends. Recently though, unverified rumours of the two having split is making waves on online media. Then of course there are more rumours that of Song Joong-ki and Park Bo-gum being secretly in love. Park Bo-gum has also repeatedly professed love for Song Joong-ki, saying he'd have married the latter if he was a woman.

In any case, there is nothing wrong in remaining single. One can retain more independence that way and not have to answer to their partners. However, an emotionally mature and understanding partner will always give space to his woman and let her be herself. Age is not that big an issue; people find love even at 80. Better to be late than make a wrong choice in haste.

This article was first published on February 24, 2017
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