Bromance no more? Song Joong-ki says he loves Lee Kwang-soo more than Park Bo-gum

Song Joong-ki and Lee Kwang-soo have known each other since 2011.

Song Joong-ki and Lee Kwang-soo
Song Joong-ki and Lee Kwang-soo in 'Descendants of the Sun.'

It seems Song Joong-ki and Park Bo-gum's bromance won't last much longer. Not only are there rumours of Song Joong-ki's marriage to actress and his 'Descendants of the Sun' co-star Song Hye-kyo, Joong-ki recently professed he loves actor Lee Kwang-soo more than Park Bo-gum.

Website Koreaboo reports that actor Park Bo-gum held a fan meeting in Thailand on February 11 for his 2016-2017 Asia Tour. As special guest he had brought with him actor Song Joong-ki, who is a very good friend of his and their bromance is well known to fans. At one point Park Bo-gum was asked what he thinks when he looks at Song Joong-ki. He responded by saying that Song Joong-ki Song Joong Ki "has a beautiful face," "has a really sweet voice," and "has a really good figure."

He didn't stop there and made no secrets of being so in adoration of his man-crush. In fact Song Joong-ki had gotten slightly uncomfortable by that point, notes Koreaboo, and he stood up from his seat and jokingly asked whether the atmosphere was getting too romantic for comfort. Either to tease him further or to being genuinely enamoured with his elder co-star, Park Bo-gum continued professing his love and adulation. He kept emphasising how masculine Song Joong-ki is; that he is very kind as a person and takes care of others.

The tipping point was reached when Park Bo-gum said "But if I was a girl, I would want to date Hyung. I wanted Song Joong Ki to be with me. It's true, this is coming from my heart." Song Joong-ki had heard enough and had his own shocking confession to make. Addressing his friend Park Bo-gum, the 'Descendants of the Sun' star said "I'm really sorry, but I got Kwang Soo already."

Jokes apart, Song Joong-ki and Lee Kwang-soo have been friends for many years. They met in 2010 on the sets of SBS's 'Running Man' of which Lee Kwang-soo is still a part of. Since then they have been very good friends. They worked with each other again in the year 2012 on the KBS drama 'The Innocent Man' where they played best friends and roommates, noted another article published by Koreaboo. Then Lee Kwang-soo made a cameo appearance in 'Descendants of the Sun' where Song Joong-ki played the lead role opposite his rumoured girlfriend Song Hye-kyo.

This article was first published on February 15, 2017
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