Song Joong-ki
Song Joong-ki Instagram

Descendants of the Sun" actress Song Hye Kyo posted a picture of herself with a young girl on January 19 on her instagram account which intrigued a lot of fans. They kept asking as to who the young girl is, but the actress didn't respond to it. A week later, "Descendants of the Sun" co-star Song Joong-ki posted a picture of himself on his instagram account with a young girl. The photo became viral with almost 100,000 likes.

Previously, when Song Hye Kyo's picture was posted, some fans speculated that the girl is her daughter while some pressured the actress to marry Song Joong-ki so that they could have their own beautiful baby.

Now, as expected, the fans started posting comments about Song Joong-ki's photo too. Some fans asked, "Who's that girl?"

Some fans speculated it to be the child of the actor, or rather of the Song-Song couple. However, just like Song Hye Kyo, Song Joong-ki too did not reply to his fans' questions about the identity of the baby girl with him.

It is not known who the girl actually is but there is a hint in the picture. The lower right corner of the picture gives a slight clue about the baby. A woman can be seen taking the photo on her phone of Song Joong-ki holding the girl who is likely the mother of the child. However, the face of the woman cannot be seen as only her hand with the cell phone is visible.

Well, it is not the first time Song Joong-ki posted a picture with a baby girl in mid-July where he was seen carrying Xingxing, the actress Zhang Ziyi.

For the last few weeks the posts of the SongSong couple on their instagram account had led to a lot of speculations. Some even believed that the next instalment of the "Descendants of the Sun" is on its way.