'Slurring' Donald Trump Sparks Talks of Being Unwell on Social Media; Clips from Speech Go Viral

Donald Trump's slur during his speech at the Republican Party State Convention held in Greenville, North Carolina, has left many wondering if the former US president is unwell. Trump repeated his claims of election fraud besides taking credit for COVID-19 vaccine rollout in the US.

This was Trump's first political appearance outside Florida since he left office in January. Earlier, while delivering the keynote address during the annual Conservative Political Action Conference in Orlando, in February, the former president had spoken about his 2024 comeback.

Donald Trump
Former US President Donald Trump's image from Greenville event has gone viral on social media. Twitter

Is Trump Unwell ?

Trump's speech lasted around 90 minutes during which he appeared to have slurred some words and appeared tired. "Trump slurs his speach and repeats multiple lies as his mental and physical health are questioned. Dementia?" tweeted a user.

"trash trump proves what a sick and twisted individual he is...not thus in what he says but how he slurs & screws up his world & thoughts. Who the hell would ever want this decrepit loser in charge of anything???????" wrote another.

"Trump stumbles on the word "catastrophic." Likely the only 4 syllable word in his speech," observed another user.

"This is one of my favorite Trump moves - when he slurs or butchers a word and then emphatically repeats it completely out of context just to prove to everyone that he can actually prononce it," read another tweet.

Trump Says He Was Right About 'Wuhan'

Taking credit for the vaccine roll out in US, Trump told the audience at the event that they would "be in a lot of trouble right now" without him.

"We had this horrible thing come in from China, we got that one right too by the way as well you notice, that was an easy one, Wuhan," he said adding, "We have done an incredible job, mostly importantly with the vaccine coming up with it, incredible job."

Insisting that he needs to be credited for taking a bet by investing billions of dollars into buying vaccine shots and equipment, Trump said: "We save a period of a year, you wouldn't have the vaccine now, this room would be empty. You would have asked me to be here and I would have said 'No thank you' and you would say the same thing and this would be an empty room."

"Your state would be in a a lot of trouble and this country would be in a lot of trouble because we probably would not have the vaccine until October or even later than that. One of the things I am most proud about is that we did the vaccine and we pushed the FDA, they have never been pushed like that before," he said in his speech.