Dominion Voting Systems Loses Defamation Suit Against Rudy Giuliani and Sidney Powell; Here's the Truth

A viral post claiming that Dominion Voting Systems have lost their lawsuits filed against Rudy Giuliani and Sidney Powell is found to be a hoax. The defamation lawsuits filed against Donald Trump's former lawyer and key aide are still ongoing.

Dominion is seeking $1.3 billion each in damages in the defamation lawsuits filed against Powell and Giuliani in January last year. The company had claimed in its lawsuits that the duo defamed the company leading to harassment of its employees who also received death threats.

Rudy Giuliani
Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani Flickr/Gage Skidmore

Giuliani and Powell Had Blamed Dominion of Rigging the Votes reported that in its lawsuit, Dominion claimed to have spent more than $565,000 on private security to protect its employees after election fraud claims led to anger against the company.

It also estimated that it had spent more than $1.17 million "in an attempt to mitigate the harm to its reputation and business" and that it expected to lose more than $200 million in profits over the next five years.

"[A]s a result of the viral disinformation campaign, Dominion has been unfairly subjected to the hatred, contempt, and distrust of tens of millions of American voters, and the elected officials who are Dominion's actual and potential customers have received emails, letters, and calls from their constituents demanding that they avoid contracting with Dominion or using Dominion machines," Dominion said the in the court documents.

Following Trump's shocking defeat in the US Presidential elections at the hands of Joe Biden, the former US President had termed the elections as rigged. Both Giuliani and Powell had blamed Dominion of rigging the votes in favor of Biden.

Fake Claim Fools Many on Social Media

According to Reuters the fake claim gained momentum after multiple social media users posted an update stating, "Dominion lost their lawsuit against Sidney and Rudy." Some of the them even shared screenshot of, a website run by the nonprofit organization Free Law Project, indicating the proceedings in the case on various dates. However, the screenshot nowhere indicates the dismissal of the lawsuit.

Reuters reported that the website clearly states that the case continues. In a communique sent to the outlet, representatives at Hamilton Place Strategies responding on behalf of Dominion Voting Systems stated that "both lawsuits are active and ongoing."

Despite the claim being fake, several netizens fell prey to it. "Dominion always on the wrong side. Helped steal the election for a man with no brain and no worthwhile experience. Lost their lawsuits with Powell & Guiliani. Losing the lawsuit against Lindell. Face it- dominion is just a bunch of losers," tweeted a user.

"COVID was designed to help biden steal the 2020 election. Even that was not enough. They still needed machines. BTW, Dominion lost their lawsuit against Guiliani and Powell. Another win for the good guys," wrote another.

"BREAKING NEWS: Dominion lost its lawsuit against Sydney Powell and Rudy Giuliani. I knew this was going to happen," read another tweet.