Did Donald Trump's Diaper Leak and Wet his Pants? Netizens Speculate as He Appears on Stage

Donald Trump's latest outing at an event in Greenville, North Carolina, sparked speculation about former the US President wearing a soiled diaper. The social media was splashed with images and videos of Trump's creased pants which gave the illusion of being wet from the crotch area.

It isn't the first time that Trump has been associated with wearing diapers during his public appearance. During the last days of his presidency, Trump was trolled as Diaper Don on social media.

Donald Trump
Former US President Donald Trump's image from Greenville event has gone viral on social media. Twitter

Did Trump's Diaper Leak on the Stage ?

The controversy cropped up after a parody account on Twitter @Donald J Drumpf posted a close-up video of Trump's pants as he stood on the stage. "My diapers leaked a little! DO NOT RETWEAT!" the tweet read. Within two hours, the video received nearly 128,000 views and was retweeted 13,19 times at the time of the writing.

The talk about Trump wearing diapers started after his Thanksgiving press briefing held at the White House. An image of Trump sitting on a relatively smaller desk went viral. A side-angle photo of the president seated behind the tiny desk, which shows what appears to be Trump's protruding posterior speared the claims of the US President wearing adult diaper.

As the Twitter trending hashtags #DiaperDon and #DiaperDonald, comedian and former Celebrity Apprentice staffer Noel Casler too jumped the bandwagon claiming that Trump would often soil himself on The Apprentice Set and used adult diapers.

Casler, who worked on Trump's show, while sharing a video of Trump, tweeted "re: Trump not cleaning himself when changing out Depends, it is because he wears a hard plastic girdle and he doesn't have the freedom of movement. Its why you see him turn his body from the waist so strangely when standing."

The comedian had also claimed that after Trump soils the diaper he almost sits there unaware of it, and one time he saw Ivanka have to kind of go whisper in his ear and then a staff member came and took him offstage.

Talks of Donald Trump's 'Diaper' Goes Viral on Social Media

Soon there were others who started wondering if the former President actually wet his pants. "Did Trump's diaper really leak into his pants? What's going tf on here?" questioned a Twitter user.

"If he were anyone else, anyone at all, I would call this punching down. But no, this is Trump. If that's what the front of his diaper is doing to his ridiculously ill-fitting pants, I don't even want to think what the backside looks like," wrote another.

"Trump should just go change his diaper instead. I'm tired of listening to the lying 12 year old," wrote a user as another added, "trump's speech leaked prior to the event, and so did his diapers. #TrumpSpeech #DiaperDon #FUPA"

"His diaper was full and he pissed himself. That's not just a tragic event with a sudden replacement of a Trump it's scrambling did damage control and distance from the Trump name. Watch for them to trample on themselves for mantle chasing," read another tweet.