Singapore: Man caught on camera while stealing female undergarments [VIDEO]

Singapore theft case
Singapore theft case (Facebook grab) Li Jianbin/ Facebook

Even though it will be funny to know that people steal someone's undergarments, this is what happened at a Housing Board block in Bukit Batok. According to reports, the police is investigating a theft, which involves a man, who allegedly stole female underwear from laundry racks on Thursday, February 22.

Police said that they were alerted to the incident at around 6 pm on the day of the incident at Bukit Batok Central. As of now, police has not identified the man but their investigation is under process.

An eyewitness called Li Jianbin has captured the incident in a video and uploaded the footage on the social networking site Facebook. The video showed that a man with specs, wearing a red t-shirt was walking along the corridor.

The video also included that when the man reached to the rack of cloth he was standing in a squatting position. Later the video showed that he took few ladies undergarments from the clothes peg and walked away from the spot.

The video again showed that same man returned to the same location with a blue bag at around 4 pm on Thursday and stole more undergarments.

However, in terms of the punishment for theft in Singapore, it is considered as a serious offence. A convict of theft can receive imprisonment up to three years or with fine or both.

The maximum penalty for theft in the country is 10-years of jail, including caning with not less than three strokes.

Li Jianbin/ Facebook

On October 2017 another similar kind of incident happened in Singapore. The local police arrested a 26-year-old man for stealing female undergarments from Block 135 in Bedok Reservoir Road.

A woman named Chen said that bras, she placed on clothes rack in the corridor, started going missing one to two months ago. She later installed a camera outside her flat and posted the footage of the thief online.

This article was first published on February 24, 2018