Malaysian police arrests 2 men for illegal trespassing to Menglembu's pawn shop

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Malaysian police arrested trespassers (Representational picture) Reuters

Malaysian police arrested four Chinese nationals from Menglembu, a small township in the Ipoh City after hearing the alarm in a pawn shop on Friday.

According to Star Online, at around 4.15 am in the morning, a police patrolling group has visited the area and suddenly heard the sound of an alarm at the shop. Later they informed the shop owner about the incident.

Mohd Ali Tamby, Ipoh OCPD Asst Commissioner said the shop owner told policemen that he was not able to see anything from CCTV through his phone, so the officers went to the back of the shop and found the door was opened.

Tamby also said that after checking the area, police noticed that several suspects were running to the top floor of the shop.

"The patrolling team requested for back-up as three of the suspects were on the roof of the shop lot. Another suspect was arrested as he was waiting inside a Toyota Avanza parked near the shop," he further added.

"Then about 4.45am, one of the alleged suspects fell from the roof, and he was arrested, before the other two were arrested on the roof at the end of the shop lot with the help of the Fire and Rescue Department," Tamby said.

He added that the police has seized break-in tools, cash, gloves and two cars from alleged suspects who are aged between 45 and 60.

Local police is still investigating the case under Section 457 of the Penal Code for burglary. According to Malaysian law if they are found guilty then convicted could face a jail term, which may extend to five years, and could also be liable to fine.

On the other hand, if the offence intended to be committed is theft, the term of the imprisonment may be extended to fourteen years.