Singapore: Man receives 15 months of imprisonment for theft, cheating employer

Phua Siew Meng could receive 15-years of imprisonment for criminal breach and theft.

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Phua Siew Meng, an interior designer stole $37,650 from his employer in 2013. But, during the court hearing in 2015, he was realised on bail. After two years again he is again accused of taking money illegally while working as a delivery man.

Meng, 36, was arrested on August 3, 2017, after he was found guilty for stealing money from a woman's bag, whose name is Radha Rengasamy when she was cleaning an apartment, located in Farrer Drive.

After a court hearing on Thursday, February 8 Meng was sentenced to 15 years of imprisonment, as he admitted to a criminal breach of trust and theft.

In 2013, when Meng was suspected to be the man who allegedly misappropriated $37,650, between October and December, he was hired by Gim Wee Renovation Contractor. According to reports, to hide his wrongdoings, he might have failed to issue proper receipts or destroyed the employer's copy of the receipt.

Meng's misdeeds came into focus when his boss found a mismatch between the amounts that should have been paid to the company and what they received so far.

While safeguarding himself during the interrogation, the 36-year-old accused claimed that it was the customer who delayed the payment. But when his boss crosschecked with the customer, the claims proved false.

Later the investigators came to know that Meng actually used that money for personal expenses, including gambling in Singapore.

In the recent case, during the hearing the court heard, the suspect went to deliver a parcel to an apartment at Sommerville Park.

The 55-year-old Rengasamy actually runs a cleaning company and at that time she was cleaning the apartment.

According to reports, when Meng observed Rengasamy's handbag on the top of the washing machine, he stole it from there, as the woman was busy with the cleaning process.

As soon as Meng reached to Punggol Central, he threw the handbag, including the SIM card after taking the mobile phone and $530.

When he was caught by local police, they could collect only the mobile phone from Meng, as he spent all the money on him and used some of them to clear his debt.

According to country's criminal law, Meng could face up to 15-years of jail sentence including a fine for criminal breach and theft.