'Sick of Your Face': Hispanic Man at Rally Targeted by Trump Supporters in Undated VIDEO

The nearly minute-long clip posted by a user named Reesus Patriot has garnered over 1.9 million views.

A group of Trump supporters attending a rally of the US President racially abused a Latino Trump supporter, calling him illegal immigrant and telling him to go back to Mexico. The clip of the undated rally has gone viral on social media and has drawn widespread criticism.

Hispani man trump rally
Hispani man trump rally

Following the demonstrations under the Black Lives Matter campaign, a lot of videos pertaining to racial hatred have cropped up on various social media platforms.

Trump Supporter Asks Hispanic Man to Go Back Home

The nearly minute-long clip posted by a user named Reesus Patriot has garnered over 1.9 million views. The user captioned the post: "Is this the America you want? I am voting #Biden2020 and ending this." Though it is unclear when the clip was shot, a few users commented on it being from Trump's previous rally for Presidential Elections in 2016.

The video comes with a caption saying: 'Trump supporters at a rally when they spot a Hispanic in the crowd'. The video shows a bunch of women sitting on the chairs and hurling racial comments. A woman dressed in a grey T-shirt is heard saying: 'He's is illegal' while pointing towards the person recording the video, as other women wearing a red colored dress jumps in shouting 'build a wall, send him home," repeatedly as others too jump in. The crowd is also heard asking to check his papers.

"Let me see your green card. Have you got one" asked the unidentified lady in a red dress. After getting an affirmative, she says sarcastically 'See he has got one'.

You are an idiot. We are so sick of seeing your face. Why don't you go back to Mexico? We are sick of you coming to our rally," said the lady in the grey T-shirt.

"As soon as Trump is elected you will be the first one to go and I will be on a party. I will be driving that bus," the women went on to say in the video.

Before ending the clip, the Latino man is heard saying: "Look at these Europeans telling the indigenous people to go home but they came here illegally and invaded our lands.

Social Media Enraged Over the Viral Clip

The clip, which was also shared by a user on reddit, has drawn widespread criticism, with many calling both Trump and his group of supporters racist. "This is what we need to get rid of in American, starting with Trump," tweeted a user.

"This is disgusting. C'mon twitter, who are this especially this woman in red, so proud to show she's a racist bitch and the 1st woman in the gray. People feel they can do this openly, cause they get Trump's support. Hope they don't have kids," wrote another.

"Dear white people this is not your land where's your green card??" wrote a user on Instagram.

"Fucking racists I hate people like that. It's not like we can control how we look. They're so stupid. I hope they all got fired and shamed from society. People like this are disgusting. Some even started FILMING, like they think they're right. What a bunch of racist, idiot, karens," commented a reddit user.