South Sudan Diplomat Urinates During Live Video;Warned by Others for Making 'Noise' [VIDEO]

The South Sudan diplomat, Gordon Buay was attending a live political discussion on Zoom, regarding the appointment of a governor for the Upper Nile state

With the global pandemic forcing the world to go under lockdown, video conferencing has become an essential form of communication to keep the world running. However, for Gordon Buay, a South Sudan diplomat based in the United States, one such call has landed him in a rather embarrassing situation.

He became a subject of online backlash after he was caught urinating during a live video conference with other attendees. Buay, who is posted as South Sudan's deputy ambassador to the US, called the clip fake and an act of anti-peace elements.

Gordon Buay
South Sudan’s deputy ambassador to the US Gordon Buay. Twitter

Panelists Asked Buay to Switch Off His Camera and Mute Himself

In the incident which took place around the first week of July, Buay was attending a live political discussion on Facebook, regarding the appointment of a governor for the Upper Nile state. Buay, who was an active member of the discussion, felt the need to relieve himself, and without turning off his camera or microphone, he started walking towards the bathroom.

However, it was then that Buay's fellow panelists realized that the diplomat was naked down below as he started walking towards the bathroom with the camera focused on his naked legs. At this point one of the panelists warned Buay of making noise, saying, "I believe it is Gordon Buay who is making that noise."

Without realizing that the camera was on and pointing in a manner that his private moment was visible to the entire world, Buay started urinating, with the act being caught on camera. The other panelists on the live video conference were seen laughing in the viral clip that is over a minute long. Horrified, Buay later took to Facebook and said that the video was fake and people "should not believe what was being shown," reported VOA.

Buay's Urinating Act Sparks Outrage Over Social Media

Despite Buay terming the viral clip as fake and YouTube taking down the video from its platform on Saturday, the clip was widely circulated on social media, including Twitter.

Trashing the South Sudan diplomat, a twitter user wrote: "It's too shameful for a high profile ambassador to urinate like that on Facebook live video. Gordon Buay you have destroyed our reputation as Country and your own."

"The process of peeing is called "Buaying". South Sudanese Ambassador Gordon Buay mistakenly pee while the camera was on and he blames it on rebels as anti-peace," wrote another. "He should voluntarily resign before he gets fired. This was a global embarrassment to his country South Sudan," read another tweet.