Shooter Waits for 90 Mins before Killing Pregnant New Jersey Mom; Woman Delivers Baby Before Dying

Donqua Thomas, 30, waited in a car outside the woman's home and opened fire at once she arrived and fled the scene.

A 30-year-old man surrendered on Saturday afternoon to police after shooting dead a pregnant New Jersey woman on Thursday afternoon, according to authorities. The man waited for more than an hour outside the woman's home till she appeared and he opened fire. The woman, who was eight months pregnant, was shot multiple times but before she succumbed to her wounds delivered a healthy baby.

Police have launched an investigation and haven't released much detail about the horrifying incident. Also no detail about the relationship between the shooter and the victim has been released. However, investigators believe that the shooter is a professional from the accuracy of his gunshots.

Shocking Death

Donqua Thomas
Donqua Thomas Passaic County Prosecutor’s Office

The incident happened at Brooks-Sloate Terrace complex on Christina Place. According to prosecutors, Donqua Thomas waited in a car outside the home of the woman for around 90 minutes for her to arrive, who wasn't at home at that time. The moment the woman arrived, Thomas stepped out of the car and opened fire at her. The 31-year-old victim, who was eight months pregnant and has only been identified as R.L., was allegedly shot multiple times in the attack.

According to police, the woman had parked the car just next to Thomas' vehicle. The woman was less than a meter when Thomas fired at her and immediately collapsed on the ground. Following that, Thomas, without any remorse, stepped into the car and left. However, the woman despite suffering multiple wounds was still alive and was rushed to the hospital.

Police Clueless

Gun shooting
Representational picture pixabay

It is still not known how police was informed, as the firing happened at a time when there was no one on the street. On reaching the hospital, the woman delivered a baby but despite desperate efforts died of her would hours later.

The prosecutor's office said that the baby is healthy and in stable condition. Not much detail is known beyond that. Police launched an investigation immediately but were unable to trace the suspect. However, on Saturday afternoon Thomas himself turned himself into police, following which he was arrested. Thomas is facing murder and weapon charges.

The investigation is still on and the reason behind the gruesome killing of the woman is still unknown. Also, the relationship between the victim and Thomas hasn't been revealed by the police. The woman has two other children and the shooting was witnessed by her daughter. Police is questioning her daughter to get additional about the woman's death.