FACT CHECK: Did Hunter Biden Turn Himself in to FBI?

The message claimed that Hunter was interviewed by US Attorney General William Barr and six other lawyers related to his dealing in China and Ukraine.

On October 28, a message titled 'Politically Incorrect', which was posted on 4chan's /pol/, claimed that Democrat nominee Joe Biden's son Hunter Biden had turned himself in to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and also "flipped" on his father. The message made a series of claims that Hunter was grilled by the FBI for hours and then sent to a medical facility where he was being treated for his addictions.

The message immediately spread to the website BeforItsNews and went viral following which social media users tried to verify if the claims were true. Hunter has been at the center of controversy since a cache of e-mails revealing his secret dealings in China and Ukraine got leaked from a laptop he reportedly had dropped off at a Delaware shop.

What the Message Claimed

Hunter Biden
Hunter Biden (49), son of former US Vice President and 2020 Presidential front-runner Joe Biden Wikimedia Commons

The message that started doing the rounds on Oct 28 made serious claims that Hunter had turned himself in to the FBI and that he was interviewed by US Attorney General William Barr and six other lawyers related to his dealing in China and Ukraine. The message further claimed that he has been sent to a Washington D.C. hospital and has also signed statements providing proof of the Biden family accepting over $300 million in bribes over the past two decades.

The message doing the rounds Twitter

The message also said that the Biden family money is safe in several accounts in Switzerland. The biggest allegation was that Joe Biden was party to his son's dealings and Barr would be meeting the senior Biden and questioning him. The message further claimed that Barr would ask Biden to withdraw from the Presidential race or get ready to face a spate of criminal charges.

What's the Truth?

The message followed a story on Hunter's death hoax that that also originated on /pol/. The message created ripples with many asking the credibility of the news. Since then four days have passed but no media outlet has reported anything on these lines. One of the social media users Amber Bouchard asked: "I heard Hunter Biden turned himself in to FBI on the 28th and flipped on pops. Spilled his guts for no charges and was put into a treatment center. Have you heard anything about that?"

Similar questions were raised by other users too but there has so far been no validation to such claims. Understandably, claims of such magnitude always create ripples, more so when they appear less than a week before the all-important US Presidential Election. With just a day to go for the elections it is now quite unlikely that such a thing happened as had it been true, it definitely would have changed the entire election scene by now.

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