Residents of Ullswater Lake District Distressed by Possible Presence of Mysterious Creature in the Waters

One local strongly suspects that something has been 'released' into the lake.

Residents of Ullswater Lake District, Cumbria, have been warned to stay out of the lake due to the presence of a mysterious creature. Several locals were alarmed after they observed animals being dragged under water by the unknown creature.

Wayne Owens, 61, a regular swimmer in the second largest lake of the English Lake District, witnessed two geese suddenly pulled underwater.

Speaking to Lancashire Live, Wayne said the scene 'traumatized' him. He went on to request the Lake District National Park Authority to put up warning signs for the residents so as to keep kids and pets away from the waters.

Ullswater Lake mystery
Ullswater Lake in Cumbria, England Twitter

Recalling the terrifying incident, Wayne said that at first he saw a grey goose abruptly dragged backwards from the top of the lake. He kept a watch for a few minutes but the bird did not resurface.

According to Wayne the goose was almost 10 to 12 pounds and struggled to get away from whatever was pulling it down, 'flapping furiously.'

The next day he saw two smaller geese pulled underwater in a similar manner, Daily Star reported.

Ullswater Lake mystery
A dead pike fish Twitter

Thinking that the attack might have been carried out by a big pike fish, Wayne consulted a few people who had adequate knowledge about the specie. He was told that the fish would have to be at least '50 to 60 pounds' and would have jumped up if it wanted to drag a fully grown goose.

The 61-year-old strongly suspects that something has been 'released' into the lake. After speaking to residents Wayne believes that it could either be a gigantic catfish or a huge crocodile.

An investigation was conducted by the ranger team of the Lake District National Park Authority at the request of the locals but they did not find anything.

Ullswater Lake mystery

"We are aware of the alleged incidents involving geese on Ullswater. Our Lake Ranger team patrolled the area over the weekend and did not see anything out of the ordinary," an official statement was released.

With the Environment agency notified, the residents are advised to be cautious of the waters.