Crabs invade streets of Florida, nightmarish clip of incident goes viral

Crabs crawling in the streets of Florida YouTube

Abriel Arnel, a Florida resident has captured the nightmarish clip that shows a large swarm of crabs invading the streets of Florida. In the mindblowing clip, hundreds of crabs can be seen walking violently across the roads and pavements, and the scene literally reminded the sequences depicted in Hollywood movies.

In the video, a car can also be seen passing through the road, and at one point, it crushed many crabs.

In a recent interaction with the Fox channel, Arnel revealed that she was welcomed by these crabs in her doorsteps.

"We've lived here for a few years and this is the worst we've seen them. I was told they are blue land crabs. Apparently, they burrow throughout the year, but it's during this season (and their spawning season) when the heavy rain forces them out," said Arnel.

It should be noted that blue land crabs are quite common in the low lying coastal areas in southern Florida. As per the University of Florida's Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences, the spawning season of these crabs usually lasts from June to December, and in these times female crabs migrate to oceans.

"Once the eggs hatch, the tiny larvae are carried out to sea. The development stage (from larvae to small crab) takes about a month out in the ocean and by that time the currents can carry a concentration of larvae quite far before depositing young crabs on another shore. This phenomenon sometimes seems as if an invasion of young land crabs has occurred in an area," explains the University of Florida.

Once male crabs reach adulthood, its color changes to bluish-gray, and this is the reason why it got the name blue land crabs. However, adult female crabs appear in white or gray colors.