Shocking Video Captures Moment Rapper Blueface Calls Fan on Stage and Shoves Her Alleging She Threw Ice on Stage and Tells His Team to 'Get Her' [WATCH]

Blueface, 26, is presently on probation, stemming from a November 2022 altercation at a strip club in Las Vegas.

Rapper Blueface is facing criticism online following the circulation of a video showing him bringing a female fan on stage, only to shove her into his entourage while shouting, "Get her!" The incident took place at a club event where the Los Angeles rapper Blueface was hosting alongside his on-and-off girlfriend, Jaidyn Alexis.

According to accounts from various attendees on social media, Alexis accused the woman of throwing ice at her. Interestingly, the videos circulating on social media do not capture the alleged ice-throwing incident. However, the video clips show Jaidyn Alexis being physically restrained by security guards, while the woman in question appears to deny throwing anything at all.

Manhandled for Unproved Allegation

Rapper Blueface is seen with the woman he called on stage and then shoved her after alleging that she threw ice on the stage X

It is not currently known whether the woman involved in the incident has filed a police report. Blueface, 26, is presently on probation, stemming from a November 2022 altercation at a strip club in Las Vegas.

Initially charged with attempted murder, the charge was later reduced to battery and discharging a firearm.

"I hope [the woman] press charges and where her friends at. We all would have jumped her and Blue. Lol," one person wrote in the comments under the video.

"Wow, miss blue cheese felt disrespected so he man handled a girl who paid to see him, I'm disgusted that he is still walking free, just lock him up already," wrote another person.

Jaidyn Alexis
Jaidyn Alexis is seen being restrained by security from getting into a fight with the unnamed woman X

"I'm pretty sure I can read the girl's lips when Jai is signaling her over there like come here. It looks like the girl says: 'No it wasn't me baby.'"

Completely unwanted Drama on Stage

Blueface, the artist behind "Respect My Cryppin'," has not addressed the incident publicly. In the last 24 hours, Blueface has been engaging in a public dispute with fellow rapper Soulja Boy, with the disagreement initiated by Soulja Boy making comments about Jaidyn Alexis.

Blueface is seen shoving the woman after bringing her on the stage X

Soulja Boy then attempted to arrange a physical confrontation, but according to Blueface, Soulja Boy did not show up at the agreed-upon time and place.

"I'm slapping the s*** out of you and punching you on my terms," Soulja tweeted.

In October, Blueface proposed to Jaidyn Alexis during a Los Angeles Rams game. Alexis, who has tied down Blueface's MILF Music label, expressed excitement about their upcoming wedding, stating that it will be "the coldest."

The couple has a long history, having started dating in high school. They are parents to two children, Javaugh (a boy) and Journey (a girl).

It's worth noting that Blueface was previously in a relationship with Chrisean Rock, who recently gave birth to their son.

Blueface achieved significant success with a remix of his song "Thotiana," featuring Cardi B and YG. The remix reached number eight on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, marking one of his most successful singles.

The woman seen trying to defend herself after being shoved by Blueface X

Blueface released his debut studio album titled "Find The Beat" in 2019.