Kentucky Wife Who was Having an Affair with Husband's Friend, Kills Hubby and Tries to Pin Blame on 'Unknown Man'

Cocina Penn
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On Thursday, the jury handed down a verdict of guilt in the murder trial of Cocina Penn, recommending a sentence of life in prison.

Penn, 42, was accused of killing her husband, Robert Penn, in October last year in a stabbing so brutal that the victim's hands and head were nearly severed from his body.

Cocina Told Cops an 'Unknown Man' Attacked Her Husband but Doorbell Camera Footage Told a Different Story

When police responded to the scene, Penn told officers she and her husband were walking when he was attacked by an unknown man.However, detectives uncovered evidence, including damning doorbell camera footage, that disputed her claim, and determined there wasn't an unknown attack, and that she had killed her husband.

The doorbell footage allegedly showed Cocina chasing after the victim. "Baby no, baby no," can be heard, followed by several minutes of screaming. Witnesses testified that the voice from the video was of the victim.

Cocina was Having an Affair with Robert's Friend

Prosecutors argued that Penn was having an affair with William Tabor, a friend of Robert's. Cocina asked Tabor if he knew anyone who could kill her husband, and when he said no, they said she took things into her own hands.

Cocina's next court date is after the beginning of the year when the judge will make the ultimate decision to accept the jury's sentence recommendation of life in prison. Typically, with this type of sentence, the convicted will not be eligible for parole until they have served 20 years, according to the Commonwealth Attorney's office.