Rapper Blueface Posts Raunchy Videos of Partying with Strippers on IG; Gets Flaked For Dire Antics

Rapper Blueface created ripples on social media after he posted a series of NSFW videos while 'chilling out' with his friends in a strip club. The videos were posted on the rapper's Instagram stories, which later on were shared on multiple platforms.

The rapper not only drew flak online for violating Instagram's nudity policy but also surpassing the COVID-19 health protocols including social distancing as he partied in a packed stripper club.

Rapper Blueface
Rapper Blueface Twitter

Rapper Blueface Says "Regular Night For Me"

In a series of video clips, several seminude and scantily clad strippers were seen performing and twerking in the club. The videos even had some of the performers exposing their bare breasts and genital area to the camera.

Ace Showbiz reported that the rapper even bragged the raunchy outing as a regular night for him. "Regular night for me," he expressed in one of the NSFW video. Apart from posting the controversial videos on the rapper, whose real name is Johnathan Jamall Michael Porter, even posted a couple of photographs on his page. "If you not from da set please get out da section cryps in a room," he captioned the post.

In one of the videos, the rapper is seen pulling down the red colored underwear of one of the performers as she twerks. Following the act, the stripper immediately stops performing and sits down. In yet another video, an unnamed man is seen pulling down his shorts as a stripper rubs herself against him.

Twitter Reacts to Blueface's Instagram Stories

Twitter exploded with strong reactions against Blueface's raunchy Instagram Stories. "So I was told to go look on blueface s ig story...... TRAUMATIZED," tweeted a user.

"So instagram gone take down my post for "sexual content" but let blueface post actual porn?" wrote a user as other added, "Blueface's insta story makes me lose hope this pandemic is gonna last forever."

The rapper who has 6.8 million followers on Instagram was also criticized on his page. "you shouldn't have pulled her underwear like this...she literally yelled and laughed in discomfort," wrote a user.

"Why do u filtered ur pics when ur story its a holee as porn movie bruhh" commented other.