SHINee Minho's mother wants singer to get a girlfriend in 2017

SHINee member Minho is single at the moment.

Shinee's Minho
Shinee's Minho hopes to find a girlfriend Facebook/shinee

SHINee member Minho's mother is worried about his love life. The 24-year-old South Korean singer/actor, whose real name is Choi Min-ho, is single at the moment.

Minho's mother asked the singer to get a girlfriend for himself during airing of 48 Hours. She said: "You're already 27-years-old. That's crazy. Next year, try to get a girlfriend."

Minho responded: "Ayy, what girlfriend..?"

His mother continued: "You have to date. It's no fun. Go get a girlfriend and introduce her to me."

Minho had previously opened up about his thoughts on love. During a press conference for his new movie Two Men, he said: "When I was more naive, I used to think that work and love are equal. But I admit that my actions always put love first and foremost."

Minho continued: "As I got to know more and more, I came to calculate things in my mind more often. For example, I thought since I didn't get to see my girlfriend for 2 days, I should wait and see her on the 4th day, and I didn't like that. People around me ask why I don't date, and it's because I don't want to be obligated and calculating things."

The main vocalist of the group hopes to find true love at some point of time in his life. Minho said: "I wonder if anyone will appear to make my heart pound."