Taeyeon's live performance at SBS Gayo Dejun 2016 disrupted by 'disrespectful' staff

Taeyeon was performing on the stage when the inconsiderate staff walked past her on the stage.

Teyeon delivered a beautiful performance at SBS Gayo Dejun 2016 Pinterest

Taeyeon's performance at SBS Gayo Dejun was disrupted by the irreverent staff present at the event. Taeyeon is one of the most loved South Korean singers and her chart-topping music has always received profound appreciation from her fans.

But during her performance when she chose to sing her celebrated song '11:11' , the performance was hindered by the staff members serving at the well recognised event. While the other K-pop groups chose to deliver their performances featuring dazzling light shows and moving stages, the singer preferred to keep the stage simple and elegant.

Unfortunately, when the live audience was busy praising and listening to their favourite singer performing in front of their eyes, the audience was disturbed several times. According to the videos taken by the fans present during the live show it's been reported by Koreaboo that several staff members walked disrespectfully in front of and behind the singer while she was busy delivering her performance.

While Taeyeon was halfway through the song, a staff member was found casually sweeping the floor just a few steps down the stage. Not only that, at a particular instant a staff member also walked behind the singer while she was finishing up her song.

One of the biggest annual music festivals of the year, SBS Gayo Dejun is well known for featuring many memorable performances from extremely popular and celebrated K-pop groups. While many eyes were set on the stage to see the performance of their favourite singer, a staffer at the event created interruption and met with angered fans.

This article was first published on December 29, 2016