New 'Lolita' moment photo scandal after Goo Hara shares image with Sulli

Sulli and Goo Hara's photographs continue to burn in controversial flames.

Sulli and Goo Hara
Sulli and Goo Hara were engaged in the photo shoot sparking controversy. Pinterest

The old controversy was sparked again when Goo Hara uploaded yet another photo with actress Sulli on Instagram. Singer Hara went on to display her picture depicting her special affinity for the actress on Instagram by posting her pictures with the caption, "Just because I wanted to leave behind a pretty picture."

Previously, Sulli and Hara were engaged in a photo shoot together that had given rise to the "lolita" controversy. Netizens however surmised that the recent photo uploaded by Hara belongs to the same photo shoot and started criticising the photograph resulting in controversy.

In the recent photo, the two stars were seen wearing white dress posing in front of a similar white background. The two friends held hands with innocent blank faces revealing a cute dreamy picture.But their picture met with criticising comments taken to be a part of their initial "lolita-inspired" photo shoot.

The controversy was previously ignited when Sulli shared her photographs with her close friend Hara revealing the two friends dressed in a single 'Johnson's baby oil' shirt together.Their photo shoot however, was met with a lot of critical remarks calling it too sensual and tagged it as the "lolita inspired photo shoot". The actress had to remove the photographs after a condemnatory backlash.

But later, when the actress grew tired of the rising critical remarks she fired back saying:

"Lolita Lolita. Enough is enough. Go criticize somewhere else, and just look at my pretty face ^_____^."

Sulli's bold answer however got outrageous remarks and hate messages. Hara, who innocently posted the recent photograph in an attempt to blanket the earlier "lolita" controversy, has ignited another scandal meeting outrageous public response.

This article was first published on December 29, 2016