Shiba Inu: Transactions of Meme Token Dropped by 50% In The Last Two Months Because of This Crypto

Shiba Inu (SHIB) is facing tough competition in the market with the growing demand in other cryptocurrencies. One of the major observation in Shiba Inu project is the dropping transactions that has gone down by 50% in the past two months. The reason is the rising of interesting crypto-related projects such as Centcex and Bitgert, the latest crypto project to beat a lot of competitors after its BRC20 blockchain launch.

The Bitgert team has taken the crypto market by storm ever since its zero gas fee blockchain launched mid-Feb 2022. Bitgert's zero gas fee blockchain is the fastest at 100k TPS and the biggest milestone for the project.

The token has been breaking records in terms of product delivery, which is one of the major reasons crypto investors and traders joining it the community in large numbers.

Shiba Inu Coin
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The gas fees is only $0.0000000000001 for transactions on the Bitgert blockchain. It is an attractive feature that has caught the attention of many investors and traders increasing the adoption rate of the Bitgert chain, leading to increasing transactions. With Bitgert gaining popularity for its products, SHIB is having a tough competition to beat in the cryptocurrency market.

ETH whale accumulates 49 billion SHIB tokens

Meanwhile, Shiba Inu whales are still investing in the meme token. Recently, the world's biggest Ethereum whale who goes by the name 'Light', has bought over a staggering 49 billion SHIB tokens in a day. The purchase was detected by popular whale tracking site WhaleStats, which shared the data on Twitter. This purchase forms part of the highest, most remarkable Shiba Inu tokens collected by ETH whales.

Shiba Inu Price, Trading

At the time of publishing, Shiba Inu (SHIB) was trading at $0.00002475, which is up by +0.64% with a marketcap of $14,660,732,075 while world's number one cryptocurrency Bitcoin (BTC) was trading at $39,262.84, down by -0.25%.