Is UK Under Threat of Russia's Massive Nuclear Weapons Stockpile?

Amid Russians attacking Ukraine in what appears to be the largest war since World War 2, fears over how the Russia's nuclear weapons affect the UK have been increasing. Though reports suggest Russia's stockpile of nuclear weapons has reduced since the Cold War peak, it is still the largest holder of nuclear warheads in the world.

Reports say that Russia currently has over 4,400 warheads, of which over 1,500 have been deployed on ballistic missiles and heavy bomber bases. It has over 970 strategic warheads and 1,900 nonstrategic warheads are in reserve, a report released by Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists says, according to the DailyStar.

So, with increasing worries over the ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine, which is the beginning of the bloodiest clash since WW2 in Europe, even those outside the line of fire have started to consider how this war might impact them with the usage of nuke, which remains a possibility.

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Do Russian missiles have the Range to Attack UK?

Well, the answer is 'yes'. Russian nuclear weapons can be launched from the land, air and the sea and they have the range to hit the UK. Russia's Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles (ICBMs) can travel thousands of miles to attack its target.

Moreover, Arms Control Association has produced data that shows both Russia and the US are the largest holders of nuclear weapons, while the UK, France and China also has hundreds of deadly nukes.

UK's Defence against Russian Nukes

Reportedly, the nuclear deterrent is in place for the protection of the UK and its NATO allies. Britain's nuclear deterrent is based in the Royal Navy, which maintains at least one nuclear-armed ballistic missile submarine in the ocean which can't be detected.

"The purpose of nuclear deterrence is to preserve peace, prevent coercion and deter aggression," the government wrote citing the reason for the deterrent.