Woman Gives birth to Baby Girl During Putin's Kyiv Blitz At Underground Metro Station as Russians Bombard Ukraine

During Vladimir Putin's Kyiv blitz of Ukraine a young woman, 23, gave birth to a daughter at an ground metro station with help of city police, according to The Sun. Photos snapped moments after Mia was born were shared on Facebook by an Ukranian politician Hannah hopko. Speaking of the heartwarming moment

"Mia was born this night in stressful environment- bombing of Kyiv," Hopko, a Chairwoman of Democracy in Action Conference, wrote, alongside a heartwarming picture of the newborn baby in the hospital.

Hopko's post further read, "Her mom is happy after this challenging birth giving and immediately departing to shelter. When Putin kills Ukrainians we appeal to mothers in Russia and Belarus to protest against Russia war in Ukraine. We defend lives and humanity!"

woman gives birth

Another follow-up post showed pictures clicked when another baby was born. Speaking of how the boy's birth took place amid such danger and chaos in the war-plagued country, Hopko, said, "In the morning, an artobstril of the residential block next to the hospital. Now, somewhere very close to canonada... In the reception - wounded..."

"Meanwhile, in the basement of the maternity ward, in conditions, far from those who deserve a new life - the voice of the newborn...It's a boy!" her post further read.

Pregnant mothers are giving birth to babies as Putin unleashed a deadly attack on Ukraine. He has deployed special forces kill squad known as the 'hunters' while he launches another desperate bid to take over the country.

Moreover, social media have been flooded with pictures and videos from Kyiv that shows vehicles burning, buildings hit in apparent shell attacks, and thick smoke and flames rising over the sky.

Meanwhile, civilians took up arms to save a city on the brink of defeat as Russian troops closed in on the besieged capital on Friday in the largest war since World War 2.

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