Seoul Music Awards 2021: BTS takes home six awards [Complete Winners List]

BTS has walked away with six honours at the 38th Seol Music Awards. It won Daesang (Grand Prize), Best Album Award, Best Song Award, the K-Wave Award, the WhosFandom Award, and a Bonsang (Main Award) at the event held at KSPO Dome in Seoul on Sunday evening, 31 January.

BTS. Twitter

The boy group skipped the event but virtually-delivered its acceptance speech. "As we have received such a valuable award, it feels like we can start off this year with overflowing strength and energy. It is thanks to our ARMY that we were able to receive such a big award." Soompi quotes Jungklook as saying

Kookie said that the band would not exist without its fans. J-Hope said that they would not meet the fans due to the pandemic and he hopes that the situations would improve in the days to come to meet the Army.

On his turn, Jimin thanked his family members and the Big Hit Entertainment for their support through which the group has managed to shine. V stated, "I hope that 2021 will be another happy year with BTS. Everyone, please stay healthy."

This is for the consecutive time that the BTS has won a Daesang at the Seoul Music Awards.

The event kicked off with the red carpet at 5 pm KST and the main event commenced at 6.50 pm. The event is organized by Sports Seoul, under the supervision of the Seoul Music Awards committee.

The 38th Seoul Music Awards had the performances of TWICE, Stray Kids, TREASURE, SEVENTEEN, Oh My Girl, NU'EST, ATEEZ, THE BOYZ, ENHYPEN, MONSTA X, ITZY, Kang Daniel, IZ*ONE, TXT,(G)I-DLE, aespa, and Jessi among many others.

The hosted by SM Entertainment's Kim Heechul, South Korean comedian Shing Dong-yup and Girls' Generation's Soo-young.

Winners List:

1. Bonsang Award – TWICE
2. Bonsang Award – SEVENTEEN
3. Bonsang Award – Stray Kids
4. Bonsang Award – Kang Daniel
5. R&B Hiphop Award – Jessi
6. Ballad Award – B1A4's Sandeul
7. OST Award – Jo Jung Suk
8. Trot Award – Lim Young Woong
9. Band Award – LEENALCHI
10. Best Performance Award – (G)I-DLE
11. Best Performance Award – THE BOYZ
12. Discovery of the Year – ITZY
13. Rookie of the Year – TREASURE
14. Rookie of the Year – aespa
15. Rookie of the Year – ENHYPEN
16. Bonsang Award – TXT
17. Bonsang Award – IZ*ONE
18. Bonsang Award – ATEEZ
19. Bonsang Award – BTS
20. Best Digital Song Award – BTS
21. Best Album Award – BTS
22. Bonsang Award – NU'EST
23. Bonsang Award – OH MY GIRL
24. Bonsang Award – NCT 127
25. Bonsang Award – MONSTA X
26. Fan PD Artist Award – Kang Daniel
27. WhosFandom Award – ARMY & BTS
28. Hallyu Special Award – BTS
29. Popularity Award – Lim Young Woong
30. Daesang – BTS


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