The Secret Romantic Guesthouse Episode 8 How to Watch, Airdate, Spoilers, and More

The Secret Romantic Guesthouse episode 8 will air on SBS TV this Tuesday, April 11, at 10 pm KST. The upcoming chapter will feature some unexpected challenges for Yoon Dan Oh as she tries to protect her friends and family. People in South Korea can watch the eighth episode on TV or stream it on the official website or Wavve.

K-drama fans from other parts of the world, including the US, Canada, Brazil, Mexico, India, Singapore, Japan, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Peru, Denmark, Europe, Australia, South Africa, New Zealand, and the UK, can watch the upcoming episode of this historical romance drama with subtitles on Viki and Viu. Viki will release the new episode with subtitles in most of the regions. K-drama fans in Asia can watch it on Viu.

The total duration of the new chapter will be approximately 60 minutes. But the international fans of this drama will have to wait a couple of hours more from the original telecast time for the episode release. The subtitling team may release the chapter soon.

Here is the International Air Timings of The Secret Romantic Guesthouse Episode 8:

  • Australia - 10.30 pm
  • Japan - 10 pm
  • The Philippines - 9 pm
  • Malaysia - 9 pm
  • Indonesia - 8 pm
  • Thailand - 8 pm
  • India - 6.30 pm
  • Europe - 3 pm
  • Britain - 2 pm
  • New Zealand - 1 am
  • The US - 6 am
  • Mexico - 9 am
  • Brazil - 10 am
The Secret Romantic Guesthouse
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The mini-series is nearly halfway through, and the viewers can look forward to a shocking cliffhanger towards the end of episode 8. The preview hints at troubled moments for Yoon Dan Oh. It teases chaos and features a voice-over commenting about the problems caused by an angry King. The video gives a glimpse of the beginning of a political game that will keep the viewers on the edge of their seats.

This historical romantic thriller drama features Shin Ye Eun, Ryeoun, Jung Gun Joo, and Kang Hoon as the main cast. The supporting actors include Lee Mi Do, In Gyo Jin, Han Chae Ah, Hwang Bo-reum Byeol, Oh Man Seok, Hyun Woo, Ahn Nae Sang, Lee Joon Hyuk, Nam Gi Ae, and Gil Eun Hye.

The mini-series revolves around the life of a young woman who runs an Inn. She was once the beloved youngest daughter of a well-off family. But she is the only breadwinner in her family now. The young lady provides shelter to the young population in the country to earn money. The story unfolds after three young men with deep secrets start staying in the Inn as scholars preparing for the civil service entrance exam.

Watch The Secret Romantic Guesthouse episode 8 on SBS TV this Tuesday at 8 pm KST to know how the team works together to bring change in the country while protecting their loved ones. International K-drama fans can watch the upcoming chapter with subtitles on Viki or Viu.

The Secret Romantic Guesthouse Episode 8 Preview:

Kang San will put himself in danger to help Dan Oh in episode 8. An unruly customer catches Dan Oh off guard and grabs her hand while she was working at Buyeonggak. San notices and rushes to Dan Oh. He twists the person's arm and flings him. The enraged customer attacks San.Ban Ya quietly watches everything. According to the production team, Dan Oh and Kang San will treat the viewers with strong catharsis and touching emotions this Tuesday.

"Shin Ye Eun and Ryeoun are both actors who are overflowing with passion and who pour all of their energy into the drama. In episode 8, which airs on April 11, Dan Oh and Kang San will gift viewers with both strong catharsis and touching emotions. Please look forward to it," the Producers shared.