Is Dr. Romantic 3 the Last Season of this SBS Medical Drama Series? Cast Hints

Dr. Romantic 3 could be the last season of this SBS medical drama series, which was a big hit among K-drama fans in Korea and abroad. Actor Han Suk Kyu, who portrays the title character in the series, recently hinted that the third season might be the final sequel to this series.

The third season of the hit SBS medical drama series Dr. Romantic is set to premiere in April. Ahead of the premiere, the production team shared some stills from the drama. The images focussed on Kim Sabu or Dr. Romantic. The photos show Kim Sabu quietly watching the young doctors doing their work with a gentle smile.

The followers of this hit SBS medical drama series are curious to know if the upcoming sequel will continue to focus on Kim Sabu training young doctors Seo Woo Jin (Ahn Hyo Seop) and Cha Eun Jae (Lee Sung Kyung). The viewers wanted to know if the third season would introduce new trainees.

Cast member Suk Kyu recently spilled some details about the upcoming sequel. According to him, the K-drama will continue to focus on the same theme. The medical drama will deliver the same message, comfort, and courage.

Dr. Romantic 3
Actor Han Suk Kyu as Dr. Kim Sabu in Dr. Romantic 3. Twitter/SBS

"I didn't forget why people loved Dr. Romantic, and I prepared Season 3 with the same mindset. Within a world that has changed, I think the value that people are the most important does not change. Even after three years, I hope our story delivers comfort and courage to someone," the actor shared.

Is Dr. Romantic 3 the Last Season?

The cast member also hinted that the third season could be the last season of this series. He said the production team made this sequel to thank the viewers for their love and support all these years.

"I am happy to be able to film once again with such great staff members and actors. Our teamwork is so great that I missed our Doldam family, and I was glad to see everyone again after three years. The production of Season 3 is thanks to the big love and support from all the viewers," the actors hinted.

Dr. Romantic 3
Dr. Romantic 3 poster Twitter/SBS

Meanwhile, the production team said the medical drama would feature spectacular stories in the third season. The viewers will see the changes Dr. Kim and Doldam Hospital faced over the last three years. In short, the upcoming sequel will begin with a time jump.

"There is no Dr. Romantic without Han Suk Kyu. He is the biggest driving force that allowed us to arrive at Season 3, and he is the central figure. Dr. Kim overcame numerous crises to establish the Doldam Medical Foundation. Please show lots of interest in the first broadcast of Dr. Romantic 3, which has returned with an even more spectacular story, to see what changes Dr. Kim and Doldam Hospital faced after three years have passed," the production team said.